At Aloha World Gatherings, Las Vegas, NV

[From Sept 2008]

AKA Gadderings.

So back in March or April I got this call from dis guy and he says EH I GOING SING DIS SONG AND I LIKE YOU DANCE’UM. Wait wait wait, WHAT song?

You know da song EI NEI? No. Doesn’t ring a bell. He says if I hear it I’ll know it; it an old song written by Lena Machado. I tell him send me da CD of him singing den I’ll use that fo’practice. If can, can; if no can no can. Ok so can. And did.

So I got da CD and I listened and I listened. OH yeah I suppose to dance’um. Right, dance. Aloha wau ia oe, e ku’u aloha ei nei, there’ll be no one in our place, ei nei.

There was a little panic on my part cause the song had a 45 second music only intro. Dats a long time. Anden there was an interlude portion, da panic part of what do I do, I can’t just kaholo thru what was it call 32 bars of music. Is that whats its called. I ask Kamaka can dat be shortened? NO. No can, studio time blah blah blah, deal with it. Anyway after many days of dancing it every which way but loose, it dawned on me duh? da first verse fits exactly in there. As evening shadows fall….hello.

So after many months I think I got it down but den I’m thinking, dat a longass intro. I don’t have to really kaholo till I hear da keeting keeting keeting part. Oh wait wrong kine music. But I mean there is a certain guitar lick that I know to start at. Is that whats its call “lick” hmmm short fo’Lika. Auwe, but I digress….

After many months, Aloha Gatherings arrives and I fly to LV. Meet up with da “organizers” and us go eat! Two or three times people asked me; “so you going dance?” My standard answer was “I did not get da memo.” Oh I forgot to say, this was going be one surprise. It was not on da program. It was something Kamaka thought of cause he Mr. MC not hamma, hah? So I neva like say no I not and lie. I couldn’t say yes cause den I gotta answa wot song. So all I said was “I did not get da memo.” Which was true. There’s no memo’s in hula. LOL

So I go to the event and ask Kamaka “us doing Ei Nei?” Yeah yeah yeah. Again my concern, the 45 second intro. And he explains to me the music goes on, he talks about da song anden I come up dance. Oh ok cool. For whateva reason I thought it was gonna happen at the end of the evening. Like before us sing Hawaii Aloha. Duh dat was last yea. So I’m gibberjabbering “at the bar” and I hear familiar music. Aiyah, is dat da song? So I go sit my seat, that was close up front, hemo my slippas, Kamaka talking talking about da song, I hear my cue, and I walk up to da stage. SURPRISE! Like nobody knew? LOL

Andats my story fo’dis yea’s dance. *L* Accept, as I started to dance a strange thought came to mind.
Did I shave? How lolo am I.

When I watched the clip I saw all my booboos. Thats so typical of me, focusing on da junk part and not looking at it in a more positive light. I did have good fun so, its all good.

OH & I danced Papalina Lahilahi too. And I saw these NTs in front the hand stay making all da motions. So I tell her: Hui, come up. Her start acking all shy kine. No no no. And I said very Tita-ishly: SHUDDUP COME UP! And her did and I cracked up. So me and NT danced. Was good fun….

You gotta go to, fo’go see da clip. Look for: Hana Hou: Lika Dances “Ei Nei” Sung By Kamaka
Stay unda da Aloha Gatherings tread. Oh wait, wait, wait try look.


Ei Nei ~ Lyrics & Music by Lena Machado -1962

Aloha wau ia oe
E ku’u aloha ei nei
There’ll be no one in your place
Ei Nei.

As evening shadows fall
I hear your sweet melody
That bring me fond memeories
Of You.

I’ll be so lost without you
Every thing seems so blue
My heart keeps saying its you, dear
It’s you, it’s you, just you
Ei ku’u aloha ei nei
You’re mine
Just mine alone
There’ll be no one in your place
Ei nei.



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