Cause You Look Like You From Waianae

[From May15, 2009]

Cause You Look Like You From Waianae


I was talking story with use2B May Day Queen BFF KuniaGirl and she so cracked me up…..

She called me and gave me a report of an old friend we have not seen for ukupila years. She tells me da kids are home visiting from Colorado Springs. Anden she asks me “How do you get to Ko Olina?” Hello, you stay Wahiawa. I tell her, “you head towards Nanakuli/Waianae side and you EXIT at da KoOlina Exit.” If you reach Nanakuli, you wen miss da exit. LOL

She knows when I go home I go to KoOlina first ting in da morning like 7a.m. kine anden by 8 o’clock I stay making phone calls to dem guys who stay at work. I know Ko Olina no going be da same yeah wit da new Disney Resort whateva. Da place no going have parking. Public access. Right with 10 parking spaces. How public is dat?

So she says da kids looking to go someplace and they been all ova but haven’t been dat side yet, so she figgah KoOlina be one go place fo’go. And I tell her “Go Kaena Pt side.” She’s like “eh I sked you go down dat side.” I’m like shuttup, “Dey no bodda.” She’s like “yeah dey no bodda YOU cause you look like you from deya.” That so cracked me up.

Moe worst I told her, “go bring Kat.” “EH Kat half haole, dey going steal her purse you.” You see dese Leilehua chicks, real da kine yeah. LOL

I was telling her you can go Waianae side, go look see Makua Cave you can see’um from da road just drive slow no need leave da vehicle. As why hud da kine…..

Maybe it was a Waipahu thing, but us no was sked go cuttoutt Waianae HS. Of course dat was back in da day. You know how Nanakuli/Waianae side has always had this “REP” yeah. Us neva had “bad” experiences down deya, so maybe thats why.

I was telling KuniaGirl ova deya, I give you T & C’s phone numba, dey live Nanakuli now. She’s like, “you see you Waipahu chicks you guys no sked yeah.” LOL too funny

I think its about preception yeah. We all have our idea of how things are in different places and it is better to avoid sometimes.

OK this is the same person who said “Leeward Drive In, spooky you ova deya get all “dose kine people” hanging out, sitting ova deya.”

So one year when I was home for class reunion I was going meet my haole brodda classmate ova deya. So happens we was running late and he was at Leewards waiting kinda long time for us. When I got deya, he was eating awreddy & reading his newspaypa. I asked him if anybody wen bodda him cause had plenny “dose kine peoples” yeah. He was like “no, nobody wen bodda me, why cause I haole.” And I toldem about what “people told me.”

He was like “I went Waianae myself yestaday.”

Soooo see isn’t it da kind stereotypical kine perception. And yeah there is some truth to many stereotypes but as no mean EVERYBODY la dat hah. LOL I know, but you neva know betta safe den sorry.