Ka Uhi Hawaii

[From July 17, 2007]

Ka Uhi Hawaii


I went to a presentation at the Heard Museum today, a presentation by Kanaka Maoli Traditional Tattoo artist, Keone Nunes.

Ta Tau Tools:

tatau tools

It was very informational and I learned alot. There were really interesting things brought to light that made me wonder you know… like he spoke about cultures of oral tradition vs. a culture of literary tradition. Writings are subject to interpretation; for instance the Bible. The Bible can be interepeted to one way by one group and in a totally different way by another group.

Where as with oral tradition, it has to be repeated exactly as heard with no deviation because for the most part it is ones history and/or ones geneology and you don’t add & embellish, its not subject to interpretation. Everything is repeated as heard. I never thought of that before…..

Way back when, when I wrote about wanting a tattoo, who was it that gave me his name? D? Lurkie? Somebody online gave me his name and ph# and I put it in my phone. I’ve never called the number. I not da type dat going call somebody outta da blue and say “excuse da kine said you was da bestest so will you tattoo me?” You know what I mean. Thats kinda, whats da word… presumptuous…oi oi college word, you dorono how fo’spell. Anyway I not la dat….

But I got to the presentation lilobit early cause I la dat. Only had a few peoples in da room. So I went & introduce my self. Cause you know, Leeward side hah, excuse me its WESS SIDE! So I had to show him da phone # in my phone…..”Dis yo’phone numba?” He reads da numba, “yeah as my numba.” I told him how I got his number. Do I remember who gave me his numba? No. All I rememba is somebody said the person you want to do yo’tattoo is Keone Nunes. And whoeva said dat is right.

My #1 was with me, her company sponsored the talk. This girl no like needles and she’s always said she can’t get a tattoo because they could only do one poke per day. So whats the point. But after seeing the presentation and seeing that traditional tattooing is not really one single needle but is done by an inch or two bone or shell tool tapping the skin. My daughter was encouraged becasue she was like “ok this I might be able to handle.” Especially since Keone should a clip of doing a big piece and the person he was doing it on stay moemoe. Q was like if she can sleep thru it then I probably could too.

To learn more about Keone Nunes go to his website: http://www.pauhi.com
Tell him make some moe T-shirts LOL

There are 3 Kanaka maolis doing traditional Ta Tau or Ka Kau; Keone and his 2 apprentices. I’m debating weather to ask, I eventually will I think. Then again there’s that fear of rejection yeah. So if I have this “doubt” I think I should shuddup, you know. Cause traditionally, if he ain’t “feeling it” he ain’t gonna do it. It ain’t about $ like going to a Tattoo shop yeah. There’s all this other traditional protocal. Can I handle?

Hmmm If can can; if no can, no can. LOL

Ms Untattoo-ed & Keone Nunes at the Heard Museum:

Me & Keone