[From August 2007]


I learned a new word yesterday. Its true huh, you learn something new everyday. If you don’t learn something new everyday, it means you ain’t paying attention. Ya’think?

So the word yesterday was labiaplasty. Well today, it is: phalloplasty. Plasty = plastic surguring (? lol) or recon as in reconstruction. Phallo, as in phallic as in: of, relating to, or resembling a penis.


So did you know that: “Phalloplasty surgery encompasses penis lengthening surgery, penis widening surgery in the flaccid and erect state and glanular enhancement.”

I did not know that till yesterday, thanks to a posting on the Threads. Remember I was asking about how come guys don’t get enhanced? Well they do too get get it souped up, sometimes. Who knew? I looked at one of the websites that had all these before and after shots. Owww-weee. OMGawd it looked so very painful. I was wondering what about when you gotta go shishi, you know? eeewwlll Plus some had da stitches and what not, ouch totally clinical. Nothing sexy exciting about seeing a stitched up prick, ya know.


I could not be a good nurse at all. Whats da numba to 911? I would be the worst nurse ever. You would see it in my face – totally tacky funny face & rolling my eyes. The worst bedside manners ever. Nurses have to have to have a certain presences yeah. I would be cracking up or throwing up. Yuck. You gotta commend those who can handle all that RAW stuff.


There is so much risk in this type of surgery:

“The risk of infection is approximately 6%, which results in longer periods of antibiotic usage and excess scar formation. Redoes are about 5%, so if you are not satisfied, with the results this may require more money and longer healing, no pun intended. With Fat Transfer it is quite possible to develop irregularities in the shaft area, resulting in a lumpy appearance. You can re-injure yourself or impede healing if you use it too soon. Take care and listen to your surgeon’s advice. There is a small chance of hematoma, which according to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “is a mass of usually clotted blood that forms in a tissue, organ, or body space as a result of a broken blood vessel.”

I wonder how soon after surgery that you can do this:nose

What! I had to figure out how to add that cartoon in here. Oh yeah and there’s more. rollingI’m bad yeah? Probably going to hell for talking about the penis like this huh? Well its funny haha cause its not something that is discussed you know, so discussion wise its really quite educational. I mean if it wasn’t for yesterdays topic I would not have learned about this one. So its all good. Right? hehehehehe


I mean you do what you gotta do. There are risk to everything. I suppose the question is ~ Do you feel lucky? You like chance’um? Your peepee, your call.


Oh wait, wait, wait……try look PROOF PEOPLES GOT PILAU MIND. Or is it just me? kitty



Made you look? K-den no look. DDuck