Ok so I’m a big Pinterester – is that a word? It is now, one who does Pinterest right? Right.

I have a hundred something boards. They are in alphabetical order. I’ve pinned 30something thousand pics. I have just reached 700 followers. That’s a lot ain’t it? Then I see other peoples have thousands of followers and so ok, never mind. LOL

Pinterest is basically digital scrapbooking. You get to paste pictures of stuff you like. No fuss no muss yeah.

I’ve always thought that it would be cool to have cradleboard collection. I now realize that: 1) it would be really expensive & 2) where would I put it, it takes a lot of space. With Pinterest, I have my cradleboard collection. Doesn’t take up space and I did not have to buy anything. I’ve “collected” more then I’ve ever imagined.

I’ve always known about the AINU people of Japan. Just thought they were the taller northern Japanese. Did not realize they came from like Russian or Europe. Didn’t know that the Japanese people treat them bad. Like dominate society vs Native or Blacks la dat. Yet they are the Indigenous people of Hokaido it was there lands and they got invaded & taken over by Japan. Anyways I learn me all kines of stuff ova deya. LOL

Pinterest is a good place to get ideas, for whatever. Even recipes, even though don’t hardly cook. But if I did, good resources. LOL There are a lot of awesome pictures, professional and not so much. Love the pictures of flowers, sunsets, sunrises, and mother nature. Its a wish list of stuff to see, do, want, learn, whatevers…. its there in pictures yeah. Just a perpetual  picture book. 🙂

There are great ideas for DO IT YOUSELFing kine stuff. Also crafting and what not. Just search whatever comes to mind. Its very educational. I learned more about Niihau on Pinterest then I learned in school. Wotkine dat? LOL

 Pinterest is about pinning right. Well some people make comments as if I took the picture. I’m thinking, they are thinking; that I’m suppose to respond. I did not take the picture there fore I really don’t know. You know what I mean. I like the picture so I pinned. Most of the time the comments are not mines it came with the picture.  Do I have to put a disclaimer? Its pinterest – it pictures, why you asking me, you need to  find  the person who took the picture. Right? lol

With that said I have a “Board” with my stuff. See: Created With Aloha. Ok if you ask me about those pictures then I can answer the question because I took them.

Come FOLLOW ME. LOL Monkey see monkey do?  Search for ‘Oh Linda.’

Ma ke aloha pumehana ~ until I write again ~ bumbye.