Tong Tatong Tong

 [From June 2007]

Isn’t dat a song? LOL Or da beginning of a spooky movie…. Oh no dats DUN DADUN DUN….

I think I’ve written about this before and I know I’ve thought about it. hehehe Ok so wot got me to tink about this “topic” is what I saw in the gym this morning.

This is just my opinion and yes guys will beg to differ BUT….

White shorts with a color thong don’t look cool. Well white shorts with any colorkoa panty no look cool eda, yeah.

I know its 6am and people are not thinking of color coordinating their shorts and undawea. I’m just saying it looks kinda tacky.

I know guys no caya. Hey its a thong baybee. yeah yeah woteva.

Every woman should own a thong. A few of them at least. Guys love dat shit. Am I lying? Is there a guy who can not stand seeing a woman in a thong? Ok maybe cause “the guy” wears one too. Eeeewwwl Ok lets not pick on those guyzzzz, lets keep it hetero-ish here.

Wearing a thong is a pain in da butt, literally. Yes voice of experience. Its a pain in da elemu cause its a perpetual wedgie. Ok if you love wedgies then knock yourself out wearing a thong. I can’t because I’m so tacky. I be digging my ass, no shame kine. Discreation my ass. I diggem!

How you going be discreat trying to unwedge a wedgie? Stand against a wall? You’re assuming there is one. Sitting in your seat, ami left, ami right, go around da island, wot? People going ting I get hemroids or itchy ass. Same difference hah?

Wearing a thong is cool when you “have to” or when you want to. Wearing one everyday would be annoying I think. Wouldn’t dat make the space between your ass get wider? You know da thong working like one SHIM, ja’like dat piece of wedged wood yeah pushing da two mounds apart. Eh dat would make my hip size even widah? I betta hemo mines. LOL Shuddup. hehehe

I read in a magazine article that belot infections have increased partially because of wearing a thong. Cause da germs, dare I say doodoo germs aka fecal matter can travel down da dental/butt floss towards the vaginal area hence da infection. But I’m thinking you know wot….WIPE YO”ASS! (hooo I crack myself up lolo)

I guess if you wear a thong everyday you are moe susecptible to getting such infections. If you only wear it for “special” occassions then you should be safe. Unless of course you no wipe yo’ass. LOL