Social Media Makes Us Less Social

Ya’ think? I think so. 🙂

I think like a lot of things, its a little bit  generational. Or is that me – I’m old school like that.  I think its sad kids don’t know how to go out to play then again  part of that is that it  ain’t  safe in certain areas. That in itself is another story.

There are a lot of advantages with Facebook, Twitter & texting what have you. I’m a Facebookbooker. LOL

I don’t Twitter. I don’t get it. What is up with the ‘#’ – hashtag? I thought it was called a ‘pound sound’. What does the hashtag mean? Follow me? I don’t get it. I need a Twitter 101 class or where’s that Twitters For Dummies book.  Again, generational. 🙂 Ok so people follow one another on Twitter right, well wouldn’t you have constant updates of everyone you are following. Do you read all of them and respond to each Twit? Tweet? Seems like a lot of distraction; like Facebook is not enough? I look at Twitter as a stalker tool – “follow me” – kinda freaks me out.  Watch me go get a Twitter account now, LOL #LOLO #WTH am I hashtag-ing about? Who would I follow on Twitter?

I text slowly one finga kine. It easier faster just to call me. Then again I don’t keep my phone within reach when I’m at home & my kids get pissed off because they know the phone is one room & I’m in another & I don’t hear it. So funny cause #2 will call #1 and ask are you with Mom – tell her to answer her phone! Ooops.  I need another phone. I keep miss placing my phone, I need a phone to call my phone so I find it. LOL

I think Social Media takes “some” people to a different level of stupid. Like bullying online; delete your account, don’t read that crap. All this anti-bullying stuff – where do kids learn bullying from in the first place?  Just saying…. 

Social media is instantaneous and sometimes people post before they think the consequences.

I should talk. ❤  LOL


Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.