Baby Birdies

These pictures were taken at the Desert Botanical Garden, Tempe, AZ; like Phoenix.

I would have not seen these guys had it not been for a professional photographer dude with his tripod and super duper huge camera lens pointed at this cholla cactus. I think thats what it called or thats what I always call it. 🙂

This cactus was situated right along the path. Everyone had to pass it. I think if it weren’t for the people taking pictures, most people would have walked right past them.

Baby Birdies

I don’t think they could fly yet. Or if the could they sure didn’t.


I think they were waiting for mama bird to bring them food. When I got to the birds there was like four people then next thing you know there was a dozen. Half of them sticking their phone cameras in the birds face. I don’t think you should get touchingly close to wild baby animals. But that’s me. I used my zoom. I have a great zoom on this Sony camera my son bought. I kind of borrowed and did not, have not, don’t plan to return it. Parental domain. 😀

I just noticed the purple flowers. Did not see them while I was taking the picture.


I would have taken way more bird pictures had there not been choke people taking the birds picture also.


View of the cactus as I walked away from the crowd. Believe it or not there were a lot of people gathered and I don’t like to take pictures of people, especially when I don’t know them. Besides I like to think I am artsy fartsy and I like still life, nature, and stuff.



Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


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  1. The babies look like they’re about to fledge… fly outa da nest. I’m with you.. no like stick my camera too close to wildlife. Your photos are great.


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