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I have been  debating whether to post stuff on FB or not regarding my “issues” or is it DisEase, both.  🙂 Thinking not for now, maybe later. People who know me know where to find me right. Right? LOL

I have not  told my kids jack, well lot of time I don’t tell myself either. Outta site outta mind. I know I’m bad like that.  I will tell them this weekend so don’t tell them anything. LOL

IMHO FB is a bit impersonal or maybe too casual and respectfully so its a social media thing. I don’t think my DisEase is a social media thing muchless impersonal. Most personal as it is ME, right.

I don’t want to be the person on FB asking  peoples to pray for this or that and make it sound kinda needy? Do you know what I mean.  But I do believe and I read somewhere that when strangers pray for you its even stronger.

Anyways a little history:  I am a Thyroid Cancer Survivor. Keyword: SURVIVOR.  I had a total thyroidectomy in 2003. In pidgin: Dey wen hemo my thyroid, a’ole thyroid. Try go google or webmd all da teknakal medical terminology. LOL

In August 2013 I was told I needed surgery because there is a “spot” again. Recurrence. Cells do that. But at the that time till the 1st of this month I was without medical insurance. There were/are some other issues but we won’t go there. LOL

This past  August my doctor said you need surgery go to this surgeon, after its done come back see me.  Surgery, really?  Ain’t there any StarWars technology that they can aim their laser at my neck and just ZAP it? Cause I was thinking like Tomo Therapy.

But what the hell do I know. I will find out the next steps I need to do  Friday. I finally have insurance and made an appointment for a second opinon.  I will be going to Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center which is short ways  down the road.

In the meantime like all this past times and future times, prayers. Always yeah.

I’m kind of excited about it. LOL That sounds sort of  off huh? I mean good or bad, getterrdone; you know what I mean. I suppose I am one of those off the wall cancer survivor – I think  a coping technique. I thought it was strange when I was first told I had cancer, I did not react they do on TV or anything I’ve seen or heard of. My reaction was, “OK so what do I do next?” Did all what was needed plus I went to have acupuncture done.  I think piece of mind wise it helped.  Mind over medicine.

I also don’t “talk” about being a survivor. Maybe because if I say I am a ‘cancer survivor’ people look at my boobs. LOL  My boobs – are fine, thank you very much. Knock on wood. I think its part of my coping mentality. I feel like talking about my DisEase gives IT power, why dwell on IT if you don’t have to. Hence, I rarely say stuff unless my friends ask specifically. I don’t volunteer it. Every now and then I hear someone talk about their cancer and this and that; and I don’t want to be look at like that.  You know how some people tell everybody and anybody about all their ailments…. that’s not me. I don’t even tell me sometimes. LOL

So prayers always – thank you X3 – I am most grateful to all my family & friends for their constant support. So that’s my story….

We all have a story….. some are more interesting then others. 🙂

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.



6 thoughts on “Posting & Prayers

  1. How weird. When I first came here the whole page had no text. I come back and there it is.

    K’den. I’m going to be praying for you… cuz u ‘ohana. I know what you mean about FB being more impersonal and I totally get that. So i appreciate your post and your honesty here.

    So keep us posted. And know that you’re not alone. Foa realz.


    • No had, cause I was working on it. K-pau write now. Yeah, I figure I’ll write about it in hea cause wot if I deactive. LOL Well you know what I mean… I will write in here. I’m fine. I’m even fat – I told my docta I tawt I suppose to be skinny if I sick. Hala – knock on wood. LOL


  2. We’ve been on the prayer chain already. hoping they give you good options with the best results! My brother is working on beating Leukemia, it’s a fight. We’re here if you like talk story or whatevahs!


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