Is seeing the Dentist a necessary evil?

I suppose it depends on your experiences. I did not grow up with preventive dentist-ing. You went to the dentist because you had a toothache or something to that effect. So as an adult I took my kids, I took myself. In this day and age some times I wonder why…

My teeth are jacked up? How did my parents get thru life without going to the dentist. No soda. Way less sugar.  LOL

So I went to the dentist. I have issues. Yeah, ok I knew that. So then the Dental Hygienist tells me:  I want you to brush twice, first with just the brush, brush all the plaque off; then you put tooth paste and brush with toothpaste. Its not the toothpaste that cleans your teeth, its the the brushing. That fresh mint taste, is just that taste it doesn’t mean your teeth are clean.

WTH….. First of all how many years have I been coming here and this is the first time you’ve mentioned this. AND so is toothpaste just another propaganda scam. Yes and yes. Ok I knew about the toothpaste being a marketing scheme. All you need is baking soda and peroxide. But evidently you may not need that either just brush till you tongue feels your teeth are clean.

I think the trend is for Dentist to push implants. You can have the removable dentures or implants. Implants are expensive. Of course they are, why else would you be pushing it. Kind of like toothpaste.

My question was do I want to die with good teeth or not? I don’t want to pay bookoo bucks and not be here to use them. Poho ain’t it? LOL I know I know, quality of life.

I can’t help but think that “part” of dentistry is all about the all mighty dollar, kind of like doctors pushing certain drugs. Its about who lobby’s for certain things. Perhaps I’m just jaded.

So where do I need to go next week Wednesday, again? The Dentist. Glutton for punishment I tell you. 😀

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


2 thoughts on “DENTIST-ing

  1. Oh yeah. Da dentist. Adono about you, but I like da taste of toothpaste. Maybe it doesn’t clean my teeth, but my mouth is more fresh than if I didn’t use it.

    My BIL and nephew were/are dentists, and I do know that their overhead is really high. Plus choke equipment. Mine doesn’t push implants…so far, so good my teeth. I’ve heard good and bad about implants.

    I don’t wanna lose my teeth. So ho, brush, floss, those manini between teeth brushie da kines. Then electric toothbrush.

    When I was growing up my dentist was near Hotel Street, downtown Honolulu. And I neva had Novocaine. Ho da pain. Even pull teeth without it. Crazy. To this day I still don’t understand why he didn’t use it just cuz my mom said. Sheesh. I would never do dat to my kids.


  2. U no wot? I married to wun dental assistant so u no i gotta go see da dentist. Jutta make da appointment once a year so no can dodge em’ lid’at. But da dentist i go see is her Boss an he not da kine dat try sell u anyting new. He belive in fixin’ wot u got. Buggah scaid of needles too so wen he geev u wun shot he no let u see em’ an he oni geev wun small kine shot till da buggah git numb den once u let heem no all numb den he geev u da rest of da shot. I like heem. He good wit dat but den wot i goin’ do wen he retiah? Trouble den no? I like Lika said, wen we wuz growin’ up, no can afford dentist so my teeth wuz all hammahjang till i wen go Army. Deh wen fix em’ up some…by pullin’ plenti. Den i met Jutta an she wen steer me da right way. Now all good da teeth an git check up once a year (cause gotta go said da Housecommandah). Like Moki, i like da tooth paste. Make da mouth freash lid’at. N git bad breath an i floss every night. Feel bettah aftah flossin’ an den brush (wit tooth paste) befoah bed. Eva since i do dat, da teeth betta. So deah…das my take on dat. No moah false kine teeth…yet.\m/


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