Cuttroat. Look sowa, yeah. Having flash backs now LOL

June 2003 – after the 2nd surgery.
Scar 2003

Started the process of getting a second opinion and its sorta like the first. Just a matter of time. Soon, probably July. Maybe June. July. Debating. LOL

Had a good time getting to know Banner MD Anderson Cancer Center (BMADCC). Met my new Docta, one wahine. She says “so you’re from Hawaii?” And I look at her all DUH-kine. OHsnap, Hawaiian ID bracelet. Yeah. Good sign. Anden she knew Dr Donald, the Doc that did my surgery at UC Davis/Sacramento. Anyways things went well. I even got to see my vocal chords!

It was pretty weird in a funny way – BECAUSE she stuck a camera down my nose and I saw it on the computer screen. The saved replay version that goes in my file. I couldn’t look at the live screen cause it woulda freaked me out and I’m not suppose to move. I asked the doctor: What do you call this “shove a camera down your nose machine?” She slap me & cracked up: “That’s what I’m calling it from now on.” It was called something with “larynxoscopic.” There’s like two computer screens, all kines of bells & whistles but not literally and then this thin long thing – fiber optic camera – they stick in it your nose to go down your throat. Pretty cool weird when I watched it. She was giving me the play by play as we watched it. This is the back of your nose, see its going down your throat. And I said “eeewl thats where the spaghetti goes” – she busted out laughing, no it shouldn’t but yeah. LOL So then she says watch she that movement, that’s your vocal chords. Left side moves & right side doesn’t. Pretty cool weird I tell you, learn something new everyday. Well I all ready knew it – it was another thing to SEE IT.

I do have a paralyzed right vocal chord. I saw it! While the camera is in me the doctor tells me to say “eeeeeeeeeee” several times. I’m NOT normal! OH ok I knew that. One otolaryncologist told me it might be genetic that I was born la dat, another one said no its because of the surgeries. Whateva its all good. I can still walaau. Amzaing. Prayers work.

So then I got blood work done. 5 freaking viles, 3 small & 2 tall. Lot of blood. wow. I already have a PET scan scheduled & another Drs appointment, next week. These guys are fast & efficient. And everything is in one building, save gas. LOL

Anyways; good signs, good vibes. That’s important and helps with healing.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


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  1. Paralyzed vocal chord, yeah? Good ting u can still walaʻau! Cuz dis place wouldnʻt be da same.

    Everyday pule foa u, sista. Youʻre not alone. Big hugs.


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