Why Do I Still Have These



Vintage Stuffs

I find it unreal that I still have these. Before there was scrapbooking there were photo albums and you put photos and stuff in them. Well these are things that are in a photo album and it is stuck for life. I just find it amusing that I still have them.

These are very nostalgic. Vintage. Retro. Freaking old, ain’t it?

Bongo numba. Who even knows about those, unless you’ve worked plantation yeah. I think I was suppose to return it but I neva did. Totally forgot, I’m assuming. Too busy being social buttafly at Kunia Store. The Bongo Numba, is an employees ID from way way back in da day. If you wanted your paycheck, you gotta show yo’numba yeah. It is from my first job – Kunia pineapple fields. Lots of fond memories of hoe hana days – 15 year old gang; me with all da Kunia kids. It was a good time. Raise your hand if you know what DMC stands for? LOL My kids would say Run DMC. Not even close yeah. Del Monte Corporation.

The time card is from working at the cannery. Cannery was fun too. Way different from working fields. The noise level was deafening. I was a packa. Couldn’t be one trimma. Trimmas used da knife, they trimmed off the eyes & imperfections. I do not have the “Filipino knows how to use a knife” genes. It looked easy enough, put your thumb in da puka and twirl the pineapple and take a knife to it. Easier said then done. I was in the next section, packing the sliced up fruit into cans. Tray boy, tray boy! LOL Da Foreladys always use to give us stink eye. NO bodda da tray boy. Those Foreladys had full make up on, da reddest lipstick; da face all shiney with sweat.

Carnival script. 10 fo’dollar? Do they still even use script now days. Notice HIC – Honolulu International Center. Some of us still say HIC? LOL No lie. I have no recollection of going to Radford Carnival. Ewa’s, Ewa Beach, Waipahu, Waianae, Wahiawa, Haleiwa Sea Spree, Pearl City, Aiea, country I memba, you memmer? Vague memories. 😀

I was surprised I still had this Sky Slide ticket. I worked next door at da McDonalds. Working at McD’s was a trip, those days you had to wear hairnet and black skirt. We did a lot of stupid stuff at McD’s. Managers use to go “out” and leave us kids to close. One time me & Shirl ran the back anden was Tita & Dalene running the front. Hilarious. Us just yelling at each other & cracking up. So lolo. Anden one time we told our mahu classmates to go apply for a job. They were like I’m not working here. We was like: No no no, we just like watch the Manager freak out, see how he ack when you bat your eyelashes at him la dat. Funny I tell you; da managah was all big eye long neck and we were cracking up side pain kind. Moe worst da Managah we heard was one seminary reject, he started to be a priest but neva happen. OMG the Manager was like “did you guys see that, did you see that” – we just rolled. Oh e kala mai – but I digress….

Why do I have these things…. so I could post it 40 years afta da fact and rememba da good times, the simple time, the days of my youth….

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye….


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