Smart Phone

NOT so smart owner. LOL

Is there an app for that? There’s an app for just about everything ain’t it?

I was looking at the apps on my phone and its clutter. Do I even use Brianwaves & Vision Box? I did when I first downloaded it then I downloaded other stuff and forgot about that stuff. Or I use to know how to use the app, I knew what I was using it for, it was useful at the time but now not so much.

I Instagram some. See ‘gotpot4me’ – even doe I no moe. I screwed up that one. That was gonna be the password. Fail. LOL I use Piccollage more. But I don’t usually post them because I just don’t. I’ve done a million selfies, deleted half and not posted much of that either. I’m not comfortable looking at me. I think thats strange but true, I have to look at me everyday and yet I don’t like care for the selfie thing. Well theres a few that I like but I don’t like more then I do like, so the don’t like trumps the do likes – so yeah, not posted.

I need a new phone. I have a iPhone 4s I think. Thinking of  getting a iPhone5 BUT I really like the droids, you know. I miss the camera on HTC1 that I had. Droids are more hackable then iPhones, use to be not so true now. No cell phone is secure secure. I’ve been watching too much movie. So what invest in a burner aka no contract phone. With the cost of cell phone bills, thats not such a bad idea.

Why do I have an app called Paranormal on my phone? It finds obakis. Oh yeah, a friend of mines showed it to me and we was watching his phone, supposeable it “finds apparitions” in your immediate area.  You’ll see a spot show up on this radar screen  and hear  a ping; he said they took it to the graveyard and it recorded a voice or some noise. Freekee…….

I play too much games on my phone well one or two games really. Especially while waiting in line for whatever, then when its my turn I’m irritated that my game is being interrupted. I so suck at the game I play, but its like gambling – I try again, can’t win if you don’t play. I have a whole folder with kids game on it.  So Ms Kai can entertain herself while I’m driving. I tried to play Minion Rush but I can’t get pass 8. WTH. I’ve even had tutoring on it, no can. I’m just a plain old candy crusher. 😀

Buggahs voice no match his looks yeah.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


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  1. I love my Droid. I only play Draw Something and Angry Birds on it. I get da Pidgin app, too. Datʻs pretty fun. All my friends get iPhones, but I wasnʻt even tempted.


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