Had my PET scan this morning, first one in first one out? LOL I always schedule the earliest possible because then I’m not waiting around. Scheduling does go long usually, rarely is it exact right. Even if I have to wait, I know I’m waiting for people to get to work first. LOL

PET = Positron Emission Tomography. I had forgotten I knew that. I kept thinking of a regular pet. You know that cartoon or joke about the dog or cat looking you over – you’ve been scanned. That.

Anyways its relatively simple. They shoot me up with low level nuke isotope tracer or something and then you wait an hour. You not suppose to do nothing. Nothing. Not read a book, play with electronics, walk around, nothing. Just sit in the recliner & recline & go back to sleep. Meditate. Right; as I fell back to sleep.

Then they take you into the room with the oversize donut looking machine and shove you through it for 20 minutes base of the skull to thigh, anden 10 minutes at the sight of the issue. So for me, the neck. Ok so they don’t literally shove you thru it. You lie on a sled and it slides you in.

I’ve done this many times. More then most. PET, CT, nuke this nuke that. If there’s a body scanner, I’ve been in it. I’ve learned that is the best time to meditate. And or pray, same difference. Nothing else you can do, physically anyway. And you not suppose to move. God forbid I screw it up and have to have it done again. One time it was the Tech who screwed up and I had to do it again. Annoying yes, but what the hell, it has to get done so I do it.

I’ve learned to shut my eyes and not open it till I hear the Tech physically at my side. Once early on, I opened my eyes while still in the machine and it was one of the enclosed ones. OMG I just about had a panic anxiety attack, started hyperventilating the “thing” right in my face. From then on I always make sure I close my eyes & keep it close. When the sled starts sliding me in I close my eyes and not open it till I’m all the way out.

This is what I did this a.m. But I didn’t have to use a hospital gown. As long as you don’t have anything metal. So can just wear sweats, tshirt, sports bra, oh yeah and panty too. Or maybe optional dat if you like ack commando, whatevas. LOL I learned to always wear socks. My toe-toes get cold. Even though they give me a heated blanket, having socks on makes it moe comfortable for me.

So another appointment tomorrow morning, not 7ish eda. Moe like 9. Probably schedule surgery. Don’t know we’ll see. Oh & after the Dr. they told me I need to go see a Nutritionist.

I laugh because its all about choices right. I am a dessert first kinda person and I eat junk. AND there is no cure for hudhead. Cause like they going say you should not or cannot eat that or this or the other because you are going to die AND I be like, I going makidiedead happy den. You know what I mean. No cure for hudhead – I know I eat junk. Moderation yeah moderation. Dey going tell me “no eat rice.” Right there, FAIL! I love bacon & rice, spam & rice, rice & fish, rice & shoyu. 1 scoop, 1 scoop; not one plate. Really need 2 scoops yeah. LOL

I just need to change my feeding my face style. I be fine. Gotta do what I gotta do. Guess I’ll be a cheatah Vegan. I’ve gone vegan like in 6 week spurts. LOL I need to be juicing, really. Need to invest in a Ninja. 😀

Pray for positive results, positive procedures, and positive everything. Mahalo all’a y’all who tell God about me.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


3 thoughts on “PETscan

  1. I had a couple of MRIs and wen open my eyes once. Once was too much, total panic, so I appreciate all your advice.

    And everyday, I pray for you. Mahalo for da information about how to pray. Cuz specific moa betta den general. God awreddy knows about u, tita. He knows alla hairs ontop yoa head, and he loves u moa den anybody. Alla same, I breathe your inoa to him, asking him foa protection and good outcome and courage. Cuz eh, uknowwat? Even titas need courage sometimes. ♥


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