Alternative Medicine

I’ve always been a believer in “alternative medicine” – acupuncture, traditional medicine man/woman, what have you.

Whose to say if they are wrong or right? The same with Western medicine. What work for some, may not work for others. The human variable is hard to define or may not be define-able. I’ve experienced that every workplace has a resident hypochondriac, one person is always way sicker then everybody else. Maybe they are – but sometimes you know there are these faker sickos who just want your time and attention, or perhaps that’s all they know to get attention and if you think you are sick, then you are. LOL

Some peoples can think up symptoms and wahlah they have it. So couldn’t it be the other way around too, people who really do have illness/Dis-ease to think other wise and presto change-o, pau.  Life should be that simple right. Doctors would be outta work.

In a sense I think like that. I think speaking of my Dis-ease gives it more power.  I’ve heard a lot of people throw out the C-card. LOL I probably have too, plausible deniability. 😀 Then again maybe I am in denial. Queen of Denial.

Why did I think of that song – ain’t been C&W dancin’ in a long whiles maybe. OMgawd I crack myself up. But I digress ……..

When I was first diagnosed, I did a year of acupuncture. It was out of pocket because insurance does not cover it. The same with chiropractors; I did a year of that also a year or two after acupuncture. I think it helped my state of mind. My mind does need a lot of help right. It did not hurt. It gave me time to pause to think & know my body. I know it doesn’t look like its helped physically but mentally I’ve been adjusted. LOL

I listen to subliminal tape/CDs/apps whateva? LOL Free apps. Well the one free app on my iphone is Cancer Fighter. I put on my earbuds, listen & pass out. No clue what it says after all the breathing part. But I know from experience that the relaxtion/breathing parts really helps when I have to hangout at the hospital or get thrown into a scanning machine. I think the best one I’ve litened to is Healing Cancer from Within, by Dr Rossman. There’s the book & there’s the CDs. I think the CDs are outta print. I had the book first then I found out there was CDs. I like listen to the CDs part better, ok maybe it the passing out part I like. But I sleep real good and good sleep is healing. [Mahalo Lurkah for being & getting me a backup]

If you believe that healing or sex; just had to throw that in, begins in the mind then listening to CDs are great. Not for sex though. LOL Like I said I crack myself up…..

Maybe be I go look for a Rumpologist now; try look:

Which Dr would you let read your okole? No brainer fo’da wahines.

Read my ass.

Poot. 😀

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.