Talk Pidgin To Me

I noticed wen a non-Pidgin speaker asks me to speak to them in Pidgin, I always ask back; wotchu like me say? And they will answer me. So dey no recognize dat awreddy dey undstand wot dey tink dey dorono. LOL

I’m always amazed when people say, I want to learn Pidgin. Because to me learning IT is bascially listening to it and making your own cutshort  too yeah.

My kids always told me, ‘MOM its shortcut, not cutshort.” AND I always tell dem, EH you undastand wot I said why gotta changem’ – no ack like you dorono wot I said, I know you know.” LOL

Although my kids are mainland raised, I’ve always spoke pidgin to them because I no had nobody else to Pidgin out wit fo’da most part. Besides to me its fasta to say, “you going get lickens” instead of “if you don’t listen you will be disciplined.” By the time I finish saying all that they be doing something else awreddy. Its way fasta to juss yell EH! & trow da slippa at dem.  LOL My kids developed quickness by ducking flying slippahs & shoes. So see there was/is positive consequences from this exercise. LOL

One Local person told me, “Oh you speak Plantation Pidgin.” I was like – I do? Oh okay I guess I do. I was raised plantation days. Grew up in Fernandez Village/Ewa Plantaiton. Moved to Waipahu 7th grad, another plantation town. Hung out with da Kunia kids – pineapple plantation. LOL Thats way way back in da day yeah. A’ole plantations now.

I neva notice dat my Pidgin was different because for the most part its about undastanding moe den speaking right ? 🙂 I knew that my Pidgin was VERY Pidgin because I am the kid that got made fun of for not being able to pronounce the world “film”.  I could only say “fill-um”. I was an adult before I figured it out.

I neva use to think I had an accent or anything. Then fast forward to total immersion in the mainland and oh yeah no huh, I sound different. Then when I moved to Oklahoma, oh hell – nobody could hardly undastand me kinda. LOL One of DH’s friends told me “you sound like one of those old Indian people who cant  speak English too good”. Well DUH, isn’t that wot Pidgin is – people from all different cultures/languages melted together creating an “English” that us all undastand. Kinda sorta yeah.

I’ve always wondered why people in Oklahoma could not understand me. It was just a matter of accents. I had a hard time understanding them too. So then I started imitating the Okie accent. And dang it don’t you know,  people  started to understand me. LOL how hard was that – I knew that THEY would not adjust to me – SO I adjusted to THEM.

So my thought is – when people hear Pidgin at home (Hawaii) why dey gotta ack all da kine, high muckamucka. I’ve heard people say that only a “certain class” of people speak pidgin. Well think about it, once upon a time in Hawaii there was the “haves” – dominate society AND the “have none” everybody else. The everybody else was comprised of all the different ethnicities, that had their own language. These different ethnicities learned to share and communicate. This was a survival skill, and an inherent knowledge of knowing to treat others as they would like to be treated.

Get locals who don’t speak Pidgin but they undastand and respectfully so, it doesn’t matter that they DON’T speak Pidgin, it matters that we all communicate and get along la dat.

SO why PEOPLE have this idea that “only low class people” talk la dat, is an attitude they learned from Dominate Society. Treating people like less because of the way talk or don’t talk, come on now; are you British or something. LOL The Brits  “classify” people by their accents, and  yet even those with the “right” accent but different color skin get treated or looked upon – diffently.

The bottom line is – Pidgin was created by our kupunas (elders/ancestors) as a means of communications. It created a  common evolving language for an ethnically diverse community. Pidgin English is what makes Hawaii, Hawaii. The lesson of Pidgin English is the gift of communication. This is the legacy of our kupuna. To think of Pidgin English as anything less, is totally disrespectful to them.

When I lived in Carson City, NV I met a guy from Big Island  who told me,”I don’t speak pidgin anymore.” I told him “no ack Bruh, you still undastand doe right – tawkstory wit me going come back no sked.”  Us just bussass laughing. Laughter is a big part of Pidgin, especially on da mainland yeah.

Pidgin is my first language and I’ve always embraced it. Even when getting scolding for not speaking Standard  English in elementary school. I now know why school was la dat, but dey neva say why, dey juss said “don’t speak pidgin.” What happens wen you tell somebody NOT to do something? Yes, dats wot dey going do. At the time I didn’t get it. As an adult – I do. Now as an “adult” I understand  – its about ones audience. LOL

Standard & Pidgin English is about communication. I think Hawaii County Mayor is a great example. Buggah funny yeah. Always can!

I always stay in Pidgin Mode. LOL

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


2 thoughts on “Talk Pidgin To Me

  1. Ahahaha Siri! Eh, foa realz get Hawaiian pidgin as da language on da phone? I get one Android anden.

    U know wat? I’m finding how much of an effort it takes to NOT talk pidgin when I’m with mainland friends. See? I can do it. But I radda buss out da pidgin. I so going kakaroach da vids foa my blog.



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