Destination: Pine Ridge, SD

Not your everyday Vaycay destination, but no less my destination.

I will be flying out to Rapid City, via Allegiant Air. I’ve never flown that airlines before. Virgin trip. Looking forward to it, haven’t flown in a long while.

We drove through Pine Ridge in October 2013. We didn’t stop or nothing, just cruise thru. So this time I’m actually checking it out. What’s to checkout you ask? Or I ask. LOL Just real life. Just another Rez town, home of the Oglala Lakota Nation. Like the movie, Dances With Wolves or Thunder Heart. Yes, I am headed to the Stronghold.

I find it weird that this Tita has lived on 3 different Indian Reservations; Navajo, San Carlos Apache and Southern Ute. I’ve lived on the Rez longer then some Indians. LOL What’s even funnier is that I blend in. Except people from small Rez towns know if you belong there or not, because everybody knows everybody, for real. But someone who is not from there would not know if I belong there or not. I think. They just see another brown person, must be an Indian or could be a Mexican. Except on the reservation I am way less Mexican then in the city. I am Indian by injection. LOL My kids hate that joke especially since they are the products of it. 😀

Oh I just remembered; I must take Bessie! Photo shoot in the Badlands. That should be interesting.

Reservations are 3rd world countries really, a sovereign nation within a nation. Why peoples/governments send aid to foreign 3rd world countries but not the native reservations, is a good question. I suppose its a cultural thing. Don’t know. I do know a lot of people think everybody in America has running water, electricity, and internet connections/wi-fi. So not true. I mean its not just the Rez either, there’s Appalachia & other parts way out in the boonies some where out there in in the USofA yeah. Some of that is by choice. If so then more power to them, because they will survive when people like me don’t know what the hell to do when there is no electricity & internet connections. But I digress…

Which reminds me don’t know if I’ll have a signal or not. Probably will. I know there’s a coffee shop with Wi-Fi. I saw it on TV. LOL That’s assuming it is still open.

Anyway, how many people do you know go to the Reservation for a vacation? I actually know a lot, but that’s cause I know a lot of Indians. 🙂

Will report soon, from beautiful downtown Pine Ridge. If I don’t do it soon, I’ll do it when I get back.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


2 thoughts on “Destination: Pine Ridge, SD

  1. Ho, Pine Ridge. So much poverty there. I have a friend who used to deliver hats and warm kine clothes there. So many people can’t keep warm there. I totally agree with you that the US should be taking care of their native reservations before sending so much kala overseas. It’s disgraceful.

    Come ova hea, rip off da native population, force them to live wea nobody else like live. For shame.

    I’m glad you’re taking Bessie. Seeing photos going be shaka. Mālama pono, sista.


  2. U go Lika. Yeah i no how u feel dat u can blend in real good. I no i could too since i brown too. An yeah we should quit pumping money outside the US. Wen we get bad storms and places get torn up u no hear about other nations coming to help us in America. Dis place remind me of Nankuli side in da ole days wen wuz barren an dry an nobodi came fo’ see. Now stay all busy wit tourist an such. Now i stay da tourist wen i go back. Git lost fast. Mahalo fo’ postin’ be looking forward to da Bessie pictures.\m/


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