At Wounded Knee

We went up to the Wounded Knee graveyard. You know, Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee (history book). The site of the mass grave of women, children and elders, in the Massacre at Wounded Knee.


Homemade sign.

Bessie at Wounded Knee


Graveyard up on the hill.


The Mass Grave


Bessie at the Mass Grave

The last name on this headstone is Red Bear.


Da wind huli-ed Bessie.


More graves. The pieces of cloth on the fences are prayer flags, is that what its called? Other cultures do that also ain’t it?


Church in the background. It was way to windy to walk over there.


More trees, more graves, more grass, more wind.


One tree. (not two, tree LOL)


So we get to the graveyard and there’s a mom & her kids there. They live in the area. I’m walking around taking pictures and this little girl – a 3rd grader she tells me – comes following me riding her scooter or blade or watchacallit the skateboard with the handle, that. She asks me if Bessie is mines. I explain to her it belongs to my friends but its my turn to take pictures of her when I go places. She asks me if I make jewelry. I tell her no. She asks me if I bead. I say no, but my daughter knows how. Then she shows me her necklace and tells me she made it. Its two strands of pink & white beads with a cross. I tell her its real pretty, nice colors and she should make more so she has lots to sell. She asks me, “Do you want to buy this?” I tell her no, cause I don’t have any cash on me. She says ok and follows me around. I ask her, “Do you want to take a picture with Bessie?” She says ok. So here’s Bessie & her new friend.


I told her I hope she becomes famous when she grows up so I can say I took a picture of her when she was little. We cracked up. Dang it which reminds me, she gave me address so I can send her hard copies of these pictures. I must run off to make hard copies & get it in the mail.


I don’t usually take pictures of people. Although I’ve done a ton of selfies on my phone cause what else is there to do in South Dakota. LOL But I think I can make an exception with kids huh. My #2 wanted to know what’s up the cow. I told her the story and she says well you have do pictures with the kids (aka grandkids). Told her I will do that next month when we go visit. That should be interesting cause my 3 grandkids together are funny, goofy….um’kinda like dey Tutu. LOL
#2 always telling me “don’t teachem’ that” and I’m like why, I taught you. LOL Ok maybe its me that have too much fun with them cause they don’t live with me. heeheehee

What I observed in South Dakota, a place with rolling hills, lots of hill and prairies; I noticed that Lakota’s put there graveyards on top of a hill and there homes at the bottom of a hill or tuck up between the hills. Where as the white people put there homes on the top of the hill where they can have great views, but not protection from the wind or blowing snow. There graveyards are on at the bottom of the hill or fields where its flat. Just an observation.

It was 80 degrees in South Dakota and I think I was the only person wearing a jacket. Came back to PHX where it was a heated 98 trying to go higher. When I walked out of the airport I thought, I’m so acclimated to the heat, I must be a desert bitch. LOL

Me ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye den.