My South Dakota Spirit Story

It was my first night in Pine Ridge, SD 57770.

I was in deep sleep when I felt someone’s presences. I swear there was someone there.  I felt like there was a man at the foot of the bed looking out the window.  I nudged DH and told him someone is here. He looked up towards the window and at foot of the bed and asked “What do you want?”  And I heard the man speak, it sounded mumbled so I don’t know what he was saying just that he was talking. DH then said “Yeah, go ahead do that then.” The man walked out of the room and shut the door. I heard the sound of work boots walking out along with the jangling of keys. I asked my DH “who was that?”  DH said “that’s Ronald Hawk.” I asked “he doesn’t believe in knocking?” DH said “oh he does that sometimes.”

I twitched really hard pushing DH awake. I heard him say “Are you dreaming?”

I started telling him what happened. I told him he was talking to this man in our room, you said his name is Ronald Hawk. DH said no, I wasn’t, I woke up cause you pushed me.

I was like I swear to God it felt so really real.

Ok this must of happened about sunrise or a little before day light.

Fast forward after lunch time.  I was lying down reading my book and passed out, fell asleep.

I saw a circle of bright light circled around me like a wreath or lei draped behind my head and over my body in an exact circle. Bright white light who I think were people standing in a circle. Then in the middle above me was a dominate golden yellow light/person and I was thinking Holy Mary Mother of God or our Lady Of Guadalupe. Thats all I remember although I think there was much more.


Ok my thoughts:

I wasn’t scared, I did not feel threatened. I was in shock, frozen kine. Why is there a stranger in the room frozen kine. LOL

I was telling my son, I did not have a vision. Most people have visions. So what, I had? A hearing? A feeling? LOL We just cracked up.

When you think about all the death and dying experienced in that area from contact with the wasichu/haoles, how can there not be spirits; you know what I mean. I’ve been up to the Little Big Horn, where Custer had his last stand and all that. Now that place, gave me chicken skin, all I can say is I really felt presences there. Again not scarey, just strange because I like know hah?

I thought it was strange that I had back to back within hours dreams or feelings like that. I wondered if it would continue but it did not happen again.

I just curious as to what it means. Wotchutink?

Its not unusual for me to have these strange “hala obaki” feelings. It use to happen alot when I was little. I slept on the top bunk and always had these feelings somebody was watching me and it use to freak me out and I slept with my head covered. My Dad gave me scolding for sleeping like that because he said I would suffocate myself. So I cut one puka in da blanket so only my nose would fit thru; I got lickens anyway fo’putting puka in da blanket.

I use to and I still do, walk to the kitchen in the middle of the night to get a drink of water. I don’t turn on the lights. I know my way right. Small keed time; more then a few times I felt like I bumped into someone. Not the wall cause its in the hallway, living room hallway, da room door; there’s no wall. Finally I told my Mom about it. She said I was bumping into spirits, turn on the light. Oh, ok made sense to me. Did I listen? No, not really. Hudhead. LOL

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.

Lakota Dream Song