Big Horn Sheep of the Badlands

Horney Sheep? During mating season, right? LOL I think these are Big Horn Sheep. Correct me if I’m wrong.

We pulled over into ‘tourist stop’ area. Saw some cars crawling down the road and was wondering why. I looked with my zoom lens and oh big sheep. They must be use to tourist cause they just went about their business of eating grass.


I was wondering if they would charge? If I jump in the back of the truck would they follow? They can climb mountains, how hard would it be for them to jump in the back of the truck. Ohyeahknowhuh. LOL



Seem like there would me more of these guys. But I only saw about 4 of them. Probably cause it looks like people were interrupting their routine. 🙂


This guy was at the bottom of the hill.


Wonder where the herd is?


Can’t help but feel like I was interrupting these guys lives. LOL Although they enriched mines.


Me ke aloha ~ until I post again, bumbye.


One thought on “Big Horn Sheep of the Badlands

  1. Cool da photos!! We saw some Bighorn Sheep lidat on our way from Bozeman, Montana, to West Yellowstone, Montana. So cool to see how easily they can climb right up cliffs. You got some great shots!!


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