Write Words and Tweeting

Lots of words; perhaps an essay, a story; at least a paragraph or two. That was my intention. I was thinking it, really.  Instead, I started posting pictures. More pictures then written words. A pictures tells is worth a thousand words. Whatever.

Note to self. Write more words. Random thoughts, remember. Where are those thoughts?

Um’ I put it in the camera? I love taking pictures. I also tell people that I am the “designated paparazzi”. Which just means I enjoy taking pictures.

I was reading a few blogs and thought, I should do that more. But ever since I learned to post pictures, well I let the pictures do the talking/writing.

So what should I write about other then, I should write. 


I keep thinking I should. But I haven’t. I think I’m afraid of gaining a new addiction. I think  it may trump Candy Crush. Then again that may not be such a bad thing. Replace one addiction with another. 🙂 I could do that.

There’s Facebook, why do I need Tweeting? I don’t like the sound of “being followed” – sounds like a stalkers tool or something. I think I’m all ready wasting time with FB & candy crushing, I really don’t need to add another distraction. Right? Right.

I will remain Tweet-less till further notice.  LOL

Me ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.