Absent But Present Now

Yes I’ve been away from my computer. I suppose I could have done it on my smart phone but I’m not that smart or more like I’m not that patient and I have fat fingers.

Ok so I’m back now. No travel till the first week of September. Godwilling. Well isn’t most everything? LOL

I think I’ve travelled this summer more then before. I went to South Dakota, NV & OK.

South Dakota was via Alligant Air. I had never flown them before. Its cheap because they $5-10 dollar you for this or that and the other, that adds up to the major airlines, kind of. You have to pay everything online. If you pay at the counter, that’s another charge. I think. Can’t complain except for maybe the crying babies non-stop but hey such is life. This airline goes to cities that the big airlines don’t go close too. Rapid City, SD is not a hub for anything unless of course if you’re going to Sturgis. Just have to have your bike shipped or trailered in. LOL You know how once upon a time flight attendants, use to be the prettiest; well I use to think so. I’m just saying, the flight I was on, not so much. Yeah, I know look who’s calling the kettle black.

Las Vegas, was kind of on a whim or a birthday present before my birthday. Its just a 4 hour drive and I was not driving so I was good to go. Do I have pictures? I must have pictures. Let me look.

Ok I’m so loosing it. Not found. Duh probably because it is still in my camera. I have the camera, I don’t have the cord because I forgot it in Oklahoma. Well duh, it is being mailed as I type. Or so I am told. No biggie. Picture forth coming.

Oklahoma was a great trip. Spent the week with 2 out of my 3 kids and 3 grandkids. They so crack me up. On one of our trips; my #2 was getting her 2 boys, age 3 yo & 4 months buckled up. Of course theres fussing and figetting. My 5 y.o. granddaughter couldn’t be seated till the boys were. After all the kids are buckled up & my daughter shuts the back door. The 5 year old says “I’m so never having kids!” We busted out laughing.

I remember back in the day when I just thru the kids in the backseat, the baby swaddled up lying next to me as I drive. Dang I must have been a good driver and/or blessed because my kids survived with no safety seat or seatbelts. I don’t even think the car had seat belts. 🙂

We were all blessed with simpler ways and days.

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


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