Surgery Thoughts

I had surgery on Monday, August 4, 2014 at 7:30am. I reported in at 5:30am did all the preop things, they hooked me up with IVs & whatevers, they inject the cocktail of anesesethsia into my IV line – wheel me down the hall to the operating room. Although all I remember is being wheeled down the hall and then I was out for the count.

It was about noon or later when I started to come out of my stupor? I started to hear noise. Foggy noise. My husband, #1 & granddaughter talking. Just voices. I was alive. I was wakening up? I was surprised but not really. My mind was foggy, my body was numb, I fading in and out of sleep, total groggy. All I could do was lie there and wait till my energy awakened me. A really hopeless feeling really. Nothing I could do but wait.

I do remember listening to the my daughter telling my granddaughter that she could hold my hand. So she did. I held her hand and when she wanted to let go, I just squeezed more. She started yelling “GAMS won’t let go my hand.” Then I let go and she ran away. LOL I later asked her if I scared her. She said yes. LOL

I was in the hospital for 3 days. Went in Monday morning and was released Wednesday at noon. On Wednesday morning I couldn’t sit in bed anymore. I went to sit in on the couch and read my book. I don’t like watching TV in the hospital. I just want quiet. Yet in the hospital you can hear all kinds of noise even when its quiet. I can hear the slightest sound. Footsteps. Beeps. Doors opening or closing. It doesn’t help that the nurse comes in every 4 hours to take my vitals.

I hadn’t eaten all day after surgery. About 7pm I got some soup, scoop of mash potatoes & gravy; and some gelato. Probably an hour or so later, I puked it all out. Didn’t know there was that much liquids in me. Made a bigass mess. My stomach just spasmed. Made me feel moe sick then sick. But that too passed. Although it happened again on Sunday. Need to not take painkillers because it kills me, well my stomach anyways.

Being home makes me feel normal. LOL Even thought I felt sicker then sick & I couldn’t find a comfortable postion to sleep in. Tried the couch, tried my bed. Needed to be kinda of sitting up but not really. Resting & recovering on Thursday & Friday. Saturday went out to breakfast with the kids, airport, drop off some stuff at hula class,
haven’t danced in a month or two; then went to get groceries. Totally burnt, woke up Sunday morning, feeling sick as a dog, again. Can’t believe I wasted a perfectly good smoothie. Yuck.

Today – Monday, August 11, 2014 is actually the first day that I feel close to normal. The dull headache is gone. I’m tired but not overly so. I think I am ok. But every time I think I’m ok, I do too much then I’m back to not ok, ok. So today even though I feel ok, I’m trying hard not to do anything that will make me not feel ok. LOL

Doctor’s appointment tomorrow. My stitches get removed. I was kind of shocked when I first saw my “right neck dissection.” It is a seriously long dissection from the bottom center of my neck going all the way under my right ear. My first thought was freaking gangsta. Very OG! My kids asked if I’m getting it tatted. I’m thinking I just need to come up with a good story; like I got mauled by a dang bear! 🙂

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.


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