More Surgery Thoughts

I went back to work. Just some temping but I do my 40 hour week. I don’t work I don’t eat or pay bills so I really need this. They accepted me even though I had all this medical issues & a week in OK. No benefits but I’m ok with that. I live for now.

I almost could not go back to work because me Drs release had a restriction of not lifting more then 10 lbs. They wanted no restrictions. So I went to my Dr’s staff & told’em what I needed. No problem. Told them I would not be able to eat or pay my bookoo bucks out of pocket expense hospital bill. LOL

Anyway it all worked out. Did not think it would bother me working, but I kinda have a stiff neck, limited range and I turning my head kinda twinges LOL don’t know how else to explain it. But I functioned ok and thats good. I got this!

In the mean time I’m scheduled for radiation oncology. Just a consultation to see if I’m a candidate for “star wars” laser kind of treatment. I may or may not need chemo. That I’m debating. That crap can be more hurtful then helpful. We’ll see. Maybe they will bribe me with a pakalolo card. heeheeheeheee My Endocrinologist would have fit. But hey, ya never know; gotta look at all the options, right.

So I wear a scarf now – whenever I’m not home anyway – need to keep my scar outta the sun.

So I’m in WalMart toy department with MsKai:

KAI: GAMS you gotta wear a scarf all  the time now?
ME: Yeah I have to keep my scar out of the sun.
KAI: And you don’t want people laughing at you huh?
ME chasing her down the isle: You’re laughing at me, whose laughing at me?!
KAI: GAMS no running in the store.

Girlfriend just cracks me up. My son calls her a “ball buster”. LOL Kids they have no filters, just calls it as she sees it.

OH, I thought up a new story for how I got my scar.

I ran into Wolverine!


Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye.


4 thoughts on “More Surgery Thoughts

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  2. I think Ms. Kai is your mini! I think our grandbabies really keep us going. You are one tough cookie, please take it slow. Big hugs Lika!


  3. Oh eh. How long you gotta wear scarf? I love da design element! Keep us posted no matta wat… cuz youʻre important to us! I love love love wat Kai wen tell you!!


  4. Don’t really know how long, until the scar is more healed. Its kinda raw and fresh looking. My right jaw feels swollen & tender. The scarf has become sort of a security blanket and a bib. LOL


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