Every time I hear “Don’t Judge” I think, we all judge.

Although we all know we shouldn’t, we all know we do.

“You don’t know me” – TRUE – Do I want to? Do I need to? Or yeah I do!

Regardless – as humans  we all do  – we all have an opinion. With that comes the “judgment” – we think, hence we judge. LOL

Granted some of us are less judgmental then others, ain’t it?

It urks me that “church people” talk about not judging blah blah blah, but in church they sit according to the “high archy”, you know they have their place. The haves & have nots, the ones who “give more” as oppose to those who give less or not at all. I don’t think one should be “charged” or “expected” to give. You give from your heart, because you can.

With me its department store clerks with pierced face and tattooed hands & neck & chest. I think that’s a generational reaction because I come from “that generation” that don’t go to work with tattoos exposed. Nowadays its exceptable. When I see these “twenty some things” tatted, I think: 10 years from now you’re not gonna want that. I’m thinking about this one person with big red and blue stars on their arms or the one with random pieces place where ever.

Dermatology & audiology are the two big “ologys” – Doctors in demand for the future. Tattoo removal and hearing aids. Earbuds/headphones constantly being used, as opposed to “US” listening to music full blast in the car or house. The music was not up against eardrums 24/7. LOL Judging…….

I know every one has a story and its unfair to assume or imply my “opinion” unto others but I do.

I often wonder about the homeless because I know that that person is someones son/father/uncle/grandpa/cousin; its rare that there is no one. Then again there is drugs & alcohol and we make our bed and sleep in it?

So anyway, I judge with my opinions until I have more information to change it. I am judged for judging. I will be judged for judging. So be it.

I’m not mean. I’m a nice judger. LOL

Ma ke aloha ~ until I write again, bumbye.