Betsy’s Phoenix Photo Shoot

These pictures have been sitting in my camera. Duh. If it wasn’t one thing then it was another. Long story short, K now here are the pictures.

Pictures were taken in Phoenix, across the Heard Museum. Central & Encanto. It is an Arizona Historical building. It was Arizona’s first apartment building. It was once a run down partial burnt down property. It was bought and restored by the Inter Tribal Council of Arizona. It is built in a square with a courtyard in the middle. It is very fung shui – it has good vibes. Some say it is haunted. If it is I think its kids but that’s me. I always say its/they are harmless. One lady kept saying that the building needs  to have a ceremony or be smoked/make medicine or whatever it is when you cleanse a place of evil spirits. I’ve never been there at night so I don’t know it its obakis or not. LOL I’ve felt a  “presence” – not evil moe kolohe.  Whenever that happens it was always in the day and always felt like it was kids and I just yell “knock it off you guys” like I was talking to my own kids.  Seems to work or felt like it did. 🙂

So here’s Betsy’s photo shoot at the Encanto Building.


There is a 3 week period, usually end of March early April when the bouganvilla bushes are all in bloom, all fushia-ish. It really pretty. There were a few blooms.




Where’s Betsy?




For some reason I really like this picture. Don’t know what it is, the lines? I just think its strange that I like it. Color & symmetry maybe. Perhaps just the stripes – black & white. LOL



Kaukau time fo’da cow! 🙂 An avocado crab salad from Blue Fin. I small mom & pop place down the street, Central & McDowell. I’m moe tall then the Grandma that owns the place. LOL  This is a really light and refreshing salad; under all that crab is the lettuce & veggies. The have a really ono homemade dressing.



Random shots – here and there.018019

Who or what  is that? LOL


Just hanging out.




The  picture taken at home.


Thee End. Pau

Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye,


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