Writing to the Mask

I started writing to the mask. LOL Therapy, ain’t it? Letting out some traumatic thoughts to unclutter my mind. I need to take a picture of the mask but will wait till its done with and I can bring it home. Oh I can do a photo shoot. LOL

The Mask
There’s no escaping the imprisonment of the mask
It fits me like a glove, loves me like a pet snuggled into my face
It is my healing partner that knows every curve of my neck
As it coddles my head into prayers and scares the bejesus out of me
But I know it does not define me, it helps me find my definition.

c) LRO 9-30-14

Dear Mask: I never get use to you smashing against my face. There is a split second of panic, of no return, of WTH. Then there is a surrender an is not so bad; until I start thinking of water boarding, prisoner of war torcherer kind of stuff. Then I snap out of it when I remember to Let Go and Let God.

c) LRO 10-1-14

Dear Mask: Today after treatment,  was the first day I noticed my forehead  looked  like  lizard skin and  I looked alien-ish. LOL

c) LRO 10-2-14

This is Tony Gwynn’s mask. RIP Mines is similar – no eyes cutouts.
Tony Gwynn-mask

Found the picture below on pinterest. This is similar to what I go thru – 2 weeks done, 4 weeks to go.  This looks pretty scarey huh?  IT IS! Hence, the happy pills.


Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye.