Today Is/Was A Good Day

Maybe because I started writing, maybe cause I slept well; who knows – Today was/is a good day.

I started writing to the mask. Just a sentence or two or three. Seems to take the edge off. 🙂

Dear Mask: Today was a good day. I did not get freaked out. I fear Mondays. Thank you for helping me heal.

Swallowing is killer. You know somethings wrong when it hurts to just to swallow yogurt. I should be loosing weight right. Not if I keep force feeding myself, insisting I can really eat that, slowly, as long as I have water or hot tea, I drank coffee this morning. Applesauce is going to make me gain weight. Or maybe the awesome ucky smoothies I make. LOL

Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye.