I’ve had 3 Monday’s of treatment and have 3 more Monday’s to do.

Monday’s are like starting from scratch, like its the first time but not really. Its totally mental on my part. Its a head game ain’t it? Hence the post traumatic part, I think.

Swallowing has become harder and harder. It takes a lot of energy to eat. Hot tea or cold water are a constant to soothe my throat. Oh, Hall’s menthol too. I guess this week I’ll get the “magic mouthwash” the doctor talked about.

Eating is taking a lot of energy. Who knew? I never noticed the energy it takes to eat. Now I know.

You would think I loose weight or shrink some. Fat chance. That’s not how it works with my Dis-ease. The irony of it all. LOL

I am alive and surviving as well as can be. And like my doctor said “You’re relatively healthy, accept for this cancer thing.” 🙂

Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye.


One thought on “Monday’s

  1. I have a friend whose Dr says the same thing. “You’re healthy except for the cancer.”

    Three more, tita. You can do it. It’s amazing how much we take for granted, especially the eating thing. Who would’ve known how much energy it takes? Until it becomes really really hard.

    I pray for you alla time.. sending you beeg hugs for tomorrow and every day. After tomorrow, only two more!

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