Mind Over Medicine

So yestaday I was the sickest I’ve been since being in the hospital.

Mind ova medicine: I know this – yet do I listen to myself. Nope. LOL

So I got my Magic Potion, some other don’t get nauseated meds, 600mg Ibuprofen and the doc said just buy over the counter Pepcid. So much drugs, I’ve never have this much before.

But I want to be a good patient and my throat has been killing me. So I go home and I think I over medicated myself. Plus there was not much food in my stomach so of course all this new crap in my opu ended up fighting and huli-ed itself out. Auwe!

Went to bed and woke up feeling better. Read all the meds literature, which I should have done first but I’m kapakahi la dat. I took an as need nauseated kind of pill and I was not nauseated so of course it made me nauseated. My bad. The magic potion worked too well I think. Today I took only half the amount and I was ok.

600mg Ibuprofen works well for headaches. I have a high tolerance for pain, I’m one of the few patients who decline morophine. So Ibuprofen is fine with me. But 3 times a day? I’m not in that much pain or have a fever. I’m ok. Just need it as needed. Duh

I bought the Pepcid cause it was on the instructions of Meds blah blah blah. But I never took it. Its for acid indigestion. I didn’t have indigestion because there I had nothing worth digesting. And there was no acid other then the natural stomach acids. So a’ole Pepcid right.

My medicine cabinet is filling up, need to clean it out. LOL

Woke up feeling back to normal. Took only half of what I was suppose to and I’m ok. Didn’t take any pain meds because I ain’t in pain. Well maybe I am but not to the point I need to medicate myself.

Silence and sleep seems to work just as well or better then medicine I can’t spell. Lesson learned.

Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye.