Two More Days of Treatment and Its Christmas?

I have to more days of treatment. Woopteedoooo! I know its Trick or Treat, Halloween for everyone; but for me its Christmas! #2 and her family will be here this evening. That means my 3 stooges will be under one roof which means its Christmas. Now that the kids are grown and live outta state, it is rare for ALL of us to be together in one place. Even real Christmas is hard with people in different states, different jobs, blah blah, blah.

So in our house its Christmas whenever if ever we are all under one roof. Sometimes it only happens once a year. Sometimes its three times a year. A year or two maybe not but the thing is we are joyful & thankful when it does happen.

So then back to reality, the doctor told me not to speak. As he drilled me with questions he needed answers to. Ok ok I will shut up sheeesh. Like how… like nobody can hear me anyway my voice is really soft and fades in and out. I will have to write stuff out.  yeah right…. some may be….

Another nurse was praising me tell me I do so well. And I was like, “others do bad?” She wouldn’t give me details and just kept saying, “I dunno what it is, but you are doing good.” So I’m thinking maybe cause I never physically freaked out, cause that is way easy to do. One lady told they had to start again because she moved her hand and you ain’t suppose to move. Just breathe and be done with it. I taught my self to meditate, pray, whatever, but just zone out it my happy place and in no time its done. The treatment itself only takes 15 minutes. It takes longer to get all hooked up and such.

So I’m doing so well, to moe days should be duck soup right? I never take things for granted, neva know I might flip out at da damnedest time. nah nah nah I’ve done this much, two more days is doable.

I’ll be back when I be back. Gotta prepare 3 grandchildreb sleeping here, oh an their parents.

Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye.