Blogger Fail Again & End of Treatment

Obviously I haven’t written – distracted by Life no doubt; at least it not makidiedead kine – knockonwood!

So I pau treatment – radiation oncology; check! Done. Can’t decide if it was harder physically or mentally. I think physically once you got over the claustraphobicness it was fine. Ok not really. I think once in the confines of the mask, it becomes a mental game. My mind can my body freakout and my body can make my mind freakout. DUH?

The physical-ness begins and ends with the actual treatment. I do it and its done. Six weeks, 15-20 minutes for 5 days a week. Boom done. Mentally though…. the thoughts linger. Or is that the CRAZY lingers. 🙂

Mondays were always hard for me. My mind had to start from square one….

After each treatment I stayed out in the open…. I couldn’t go home…. just mental like that… had to hang under the sky or the mall/bookstore. LOL Same difference? LOL

My last day was Trick or Treat day; so I bought designer cupcakes for the from desk lady, my nurse and the two Techs that did my treatment. For the last day of treatment they have a ritual of “ringing the bell”. There’s this big ole bell on the wall and you ring it 3 times. I was thinking: SEALs and ringing out. Same difference? LOL

After my last treatment, I took about 100 pictures of my mask around different locations of BMDACC. I was told a lot of people hate their mask and just have it thrown away. Me, I had to make peace with it so I did a photo shoot of it. I want to paint it and decorate it – make artsyfartsy art piece kine. I was thinking before put it in a shadow box, but hello it is life size and it can stand alone.

My Mask in the waiting room with my certificate of PAU! 🙂

My mask!

Spooky ain’t it? I think so.

The bell that people ring to signify the end of radiation oncology treatment. I thought only SEALs ring out. 🙂

MASK - BMDACC 2014 019

Ring this bell, three times well – It’s toll to clearly say, my treatment’s done. This course is run and I am on my way!

That I am.

Ma ke aloha, until I write again, bumbye.


2 thoughts on “Blogger Fail Again & End of Treatment

  1. I don’t think it’s mental to need to be outside after da mask. It’s good coping strategy to me. All along, I have been admiring your courage and determination, and you never lost your sense of humor. You did it. You survived. And you’re gonna survive. Champion survivor, you!

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  2. U Waipahu Girl das why no? You really got a lot of stamina lady. I admire you for what you have had to go through. Not everybody can say that but you. MIss u all ovah da FB site but pullin’ fo’ u at da same time Sistah. U my “sneaky keep secret” sistah remembah da LV wun? Lookin’ forward to hearing moah from u soon. Get well, enjoy life like u do an keep up da humor VP.\m/

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