Meet My Mask

This is my mask. Custom made, one of da kine.    🙂  Some people throw theirs away. I kept my mask, just cause; cause its a part of healing? Cause I want to paint it and decorate it, make artsyfartsy LOL Anyway custom made for me, may as well make use of it. I bet I’m the only person who did a photo shoot with their mask.

Imagine this mask, flat against your face. So snug you can’t even open eyes wiggle your nose. This clips (the grey pieces) onto the bed/sled of the machine and you can’t move.

MASK - BMDACC 2014 054

MASK - BMDACC 2014 095 MASK - BMDACC 2014 096                                                            MASK - BMDACC 2014 101

I have no idea what the writing on the mask mean.  All I know is they are notes & measurement reminders for the Techs.  It’s really weird because everything is very exacting and I could feel if I wasn’t in the exact position. So I would wiggle and shift around before everything got snapped on. The Tech’s told me they were glad that I figured that out on my own because a lot of people assume the Techs are suppose to get them comfortable somehow and I was one of the few who knew to do it own my own. I was like, it feels really awkward if I’m not in that “sweet spot”. LOL

Took pictures of the mask in the courtyard of BMDACC, also called the Healing Garden.

MASK - BMDACC 2014 026  MASK - BMDACC 2014 059  MASK - BMDACC 2014 056  MASK - BMDACC 2014 055

Ok now that I look at this its kinda freaky. I mean its strange, you know and it must be artsy fartsy cause what else can it be? Oh yeah my therapy. I’ve been having some weird conflicting spooky dreams – don’t know how I know that because I don’t really remember dream. I just wake up knowing, feeling conflicting spooky dreams. Well some are just weird. The one I do remember is:  Jimmy Jones eating frybread at a frybread stand? Told you wierd. LOL

MASK - BMDACC 2014 041  MASK - BMDACC 2014 043

MASK - BMDACC 2014 042  MASK - BMDACC 2014 085

Kinda like samurai-ish ain’t it? I just thought of that….I am samurai !  LOL

MASK - BMDACC 2014 064  MASK - BMDACC 2014 063

MASK - BMDACC 2014 062  MASK - BMDACC 2014 072

The flowers make the mask look softer. LOL

MASK - BMDACC 2014 073  MASK - BMDACC 2014 074

MASK - BMDACC 2014 075  MASK - BMDACC 2014 076

I must make a book of these pic.

MASK - BMDACC 2014 067  MASK - BMDACC 2014 068

MASK - BMDACC 2014 069  MASK - BMDACC 2014 084

I probably get nightmares tonight but its all good. It’s all a part of healing.

MASK - BMDACC 2014 088

Mahalo for your good vibes, positive thoughts and healing prayers. Malama pono.

❤ ❤ ❤

Ma ke aloha, until I write again bumbye.


2 thoughts on “Meet My Mask

  1. Girl! You ARE a samurai!! I was thinking the same thing when I saw the mask in this post. You are a warrior!! Tita! You got through a very, very, difficult time with grace and humor and courage. You got the job done. You have no idea how much I admire you.

    And to do artsy fartsy with it… proof of what I just said. Love you, sista.

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  2. You are immortal! Your mask looks like large statues by the angle of your shots. Reminded me of the Terracotta Warriors from China. You are one tough woman, unbreakable! Big hugs.

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