Random Old Photos

Just a FEW shots taken in May/June 2011 when I went  home.  Lying on the beach,  Ko Olina Lagoon 4; miss that.


Cloud 1



More clouds


Cloud 2


Its a plane, its a bird, NO; its a helicopter!  🙂

Cloud n Helicopta



Spider lilies.





Sunset with the masses at Magic Island during the Floating Lanterns ceremony.  CHOKE peoples! Uncomfortably crowded. We had lunch and went shopping at Ala Moana Center. So we  had parking and yes you have to go that early. My sister wanted to go because she had never been. So after the event and about an hour or so to get out of the Ala Moana area; she was like  ” Ok I don’t need to do this again.” LOL

Its a very beautiful event and worth experiencing in the flesh  at least once.

Lanterns floating out1


Some of the masses. We were on the Magic Island side. Imagine the whole length of Ala Moana beach covered with people, no sand or grass visible just choke peeps.

Sunset with the masses LL1


Lanterns floating out3


Laterns floating out4



This looks like a postcard yeah.

Rainbow n boat1


What I miss doing most, sitting on the beach reading a book.  🙂

Feet 2nd day at beach


Thee end lol

Ma ke aloha, unitl I post again bumbye.





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