Waimea Falls 2011

Just a few from 2011 – Waimea Falls. Its really really nice when its quiet & peaceful. NOT so much when there are people screaming  and yelling. I know I sound like an ole meanie….. there is peace and power in mother nature.  I find the screaming and yelling a distraction.


True story: So I get to the waterfall and there are a few people in the water having fun. As  I take p ictures of the falls, more and more people are arriving and getting in the water. There is a lifeguard station with 2 lifeguards.  I stand by one of the lifeguards and ask: “BRUH, you can blow yo’whistle an’tell a-body get outta da watah so I can take pic-cha witout dem.”  The 2 lifeguards start cracking up and Bruh shakes his head yes as he tells me: “NT no can.” We were all cracking up.

I rememba cutting out from school and going to da watahfall, way way back in the day when it was a trail. Nobody screamed  and yelled when they go in watah. We did a lot of laughing and cracking up doe. LOL

The paved paradise dey wen put up one parking lot.    🙂




See, don’t those yellow markers mess up the aesthetics of nature.


It was beautiful day at home. When  I’m home everyday there is  a beautiful day, rain, shine or storm. I’m home, I am grateful for just waking up and being able to experience the life of it all. Just another day in Hawaii Nei.





I’m surprised I didn’t get any humans in the pictures. I know now that next time I go, I need to walk straight to the waterfall and take pictures, there would be way less humans around. LOL

The creek that the waterfall feeds. Its a crik ain’t it?




Ma ke aloha, until I post again, bumbye.


2 thoughts on “Waimea Falls 2011

  1. Wuz deah lass time in Octobah an wuz da same. Now u gotta rent da kine life vest befoah u git in…Really? Me from Hawaii need dat? Gotta pay too owah no can git in da watah. Wow…makin’ da kala dat plus like u said git too many tourists in da way. Not worth goin’ anymoah. Go Kaena Point bettah in da day of course so no moah Bachi. Love yowah pitcahs.\m/


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