Up Aiea Heiau 2011

Just some assorted pictures of fern, fauna and flowas.  🙂

Up at Aiea Heiau. Photographa fail – da berries stay blurry, oh cause I was focused on da Spanish Moss? Is that what its called.  I wish my hay-yuh would grow la dat. LOL

Aiea - ahinahina

Aiea - ahinahina1

Close up of one of the trails….

Aiea - trail close up1

If you listen closely you can hear da manooks crowing way way down side mauka.  Aiea right. LOL

Aiea - trail head

I was showing dese pic-chas to  my sista and her was scolding me; why you go up deya by yo’self – you know as weya dey went dump da body of dis young girl some guy(s) went rape and murder. Sorry, I no live hea & I neva get da memo. But I was like, “oh cha’look no wonda get one flowas – one memorial off da trail.”  My sista was like – hooo you no sked hah? I was like, “EH I made sign of da cross I was respectful. I tink da makediedead girl would be da making shua da place stay safe now  and scare  bad guys not me, and besides was morning time not night time. Dat place get nightmachas anden.”

A memorial of flowers off the trail. RIP

Aiea trail - memorial

Love the big old trees…….

HI 052

HI 095


Guava red n green

Guava on ground

Guava close up1


HI 196

HI 164

Well hell a sign of civilization.

HI 116

HI 151

HI 152


Ma ke aloha, until I post again bumbye.


2 thoughts on “Up Aiea Heiau 2011

  1. As da first ting I thought of wen I saw da guava on da ground I wen stop and look and LISTEN if I hea any pua’a’s. Was early morning so no had, I tink dey moemoe. But you neva know yeah. Heard plenny manooks….. had to make shua no manongs eda…..aaaye…As da good thing about being in dat kine place, it makes you listen to nature. ❤


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