Kaiwi Trail 2011

This is a nice uphill good work out kinda hike. I did this on a whim, was driving  driving, oh I neva go dea before, pulled in and started up the trail. Lesson learned: bring watah, I neva so neva go all da way to da top.

Kaiwi 024

Kaiwi 011

Speaking of locking your car…… I always get a rental and I Tita’um Out!  Hang da rosary, Tshirt ova driva’s seat and towel in da back. LOL

Kaiwi 020

Kaiwi 057

Cactus in Hawaii, I didn’t plant it, it was there.

Kaiwi 059

Kaiwi 069

On a clear day you can see Maui. Its there really, behind the clouds. Do you see it do you see it, yeah me neither.

Kaiwi 077

Kaiwi 079

Kaiwi 081

Kaiwi 088 Kaiwi 091 Kaiwi 101 Kaiwi 184

Oops peeps.

Kaiwi 180


Ma ke aloha, until I post again bumbye.