These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things…..

MMMMMmmmmmm  MALASADAS! Leonards Malasadas. But I’m not choosey, someone makes’um I grind’um.

KamehamehaDay 022

At the beach, ocean, sea….. ok Pacific Ocean….

KamehamehaDay 033

Ok not the structures…. Price of paradise ain’t it, a paved paradise put up a parking lot….

KamehamehaDay 032

I know, this is too crowded….

AlaMoana - Suncloud

Again, too many people.  This was the first time I ever walked makai,  the shoreline from Ala Moana/Magic Island to to da zoo, no to da big banyon tree. Then we hitched hike back to Ala Moana. LOL  A great walk with my sister. A whole new perspective of the tourist side of the island. Oh wait the whole island is touristed out. But not so concentrated like ova hea yeah.

Waikiki 040

I remember when this view had no structures at all…. yeah well I do. The price of  progress.

Waikiki 052

Waikiki 060

Waikiki 065

Trees…. I’ve always had this thing about trees, big old trees. If trees could talk yeah?

Waikiki 043

Waikiki 167

Waikiki 166

Waikiki 168

Pearl Harbor – West Lock

Pearl Harbor - Ford Island

Pearl Harbor - Ford Island bridge2

Love this place. Leeward side…..

Hawaii 2011 june 102

KoOlina - tree wave n reef1

KoOlina - tree wave reef shrubs1

KoOlina - calm ocean


Me ke aloha, until I post again, bumbye.