Yesterday’s Pictures

Took a lot of pictures yesterday. Mostly for halau, I won’t post their faces but I can post their okoles LOL. I like still life artsyfartsy stuff. Yeah dat would be me, artsyfartsy-ish. Or at least wanna be. I find it enjoyable and I always surprise myself if nothing else. LOL These pictures were taken at the Gilbert Cultural Festival 2015. Clydesdale with pretty braided mane…. DSC04817

Clydesdale – body DSC04816

Clydesdale – Behind DSC04815

Clydesdale – hooves, hoofs? Feet, no then do not have feet. WTH… DSC04819

They have pretty leggings – fury legs? DSC04820

Chinese Lions. They’re lions, right? I kept hearing people say, here come the dragons. And I was looking for like Puff the Magic Dragon or something like that. You know long neck long tail, creature. DSC04821

They moved really seamlessly, more like 1 animal then 2 people and that is the goal right. DSC04822

Can’t imagine being the back end, you have to have a strong back and good legs huh? Only short people need apply. LOL DSC04823

Kids ipus and toes. DSC04847

Same ipus different angle. DSC04846

Otea I – yes okoles. DSC04927

In my attempt to be artsy fartsy, I sometimes confuse myself. This is not what your mind thinks it is. I know there wasn’t any “costume malfunctions” and basically – its an optical illusion. LOL Otea II DSC04928

It is what it is, because if it wasn’t, it would not be. 🙂 Until I remember to post again….

Me ke aloha ~ be blessed.


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