Punch Bowl 2011

My sister & I went to visit my Dad & Brothers grave.

Somewhere on the grounds of Punch Bowl. Mother Natures purple.

Purple ground plants - WBG

The tress of Punch Bowl…

Big trees Punchbowl

Clouds over pb

Diamond head fr punchbowl

PB Plumeria Trees

Love the plumeria trees in bloom. Growing up I use to climb the one in our front yard and I always get yelled at “you better not break the branches!” Yeah yeah yeah LOL

Sky&trees 2

If trees could talk, the stories they would tell.

thru the treetops1

Until I post again….

Me ke aloha ~ Be blessed ~ Malama pono.


2 thoughts on “Punch Bowl 2011

  1. I remember our school class used to decorate the graves at Punchbowl every year. I love the place…quiet and peaceful, and yeah, the plumeria trees. A good resting place, good visiting place.


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