Look What The Cat Dragged In.. Alternative Facts :)


It’s been awhile ain’t it? A year or two or less. Totally attention deficit on my part. I go gungho on something then I go to something else and forget to comeback, WTH.

I always have the itch to write but then I  just daydream and not scratch that itch. LOL Ukus?

Been so long out of here I’m not sure I know how to get around. Need to go click around and learn me how…..

I think maybe I’ve been feeling opinionated or something like that. I was wondering what sparked this outofnowhere spark to hit the keyboard again….

Alternative Facts!

Yeah – reading, seeing, all the Trumpeting things has gotten me itching to type. I suppose I could just as well as post it on FB but I don’t have the urge to do that because I like to think my FB Page is a happy place and writing Alternative Facts ponderings would spark sad shit maybe. LOL  I just didn’t want it on there. Not that this place is ‘sadder’ but I think this is a place to write write, right. FB is a social venue, I don’t need to be social here. I’m basically uncluttering my thoughts. Its for me to see & read my thoughts written. Maybe I might learn something, you know? 🙂

When I heard “Alternative Facts” my first thought was, you mean bullshit!  Its either facts or it ain’t. There are not “levels” of facts. It either IS or it ISN’T a fact! With that said; THERE WAS NO ONE IN THE BLEACHERS!  Did you see people in the bleachers? I saw a security person watching empty bleachers. Oh maybe it was just that one bleacher, the media did it. They took pictures of empty bleachers, they told everyone to move and get out of the picture frame. Ditto the Mall. The people were behind the buildings or in the building and not in the shot. The King has no clothers! LOL I just thought of that, DUH I crack myself up.

Secretary of Education with no background or experience in the educational realm. Owning a company that collects student debt is not educational experience, its making money off of poor people. I wouldn’t want to be Secretary of Education, all the Principals would be jumping on your case. Nah nah nah…. I could be secretary or sexatary! I have experience. aaaye

I was a substitute teacher for 1 semester. You need to have a “calling” to be a teacher. I don’t have that, I just wanted to slap those children like I do my own. LOL Law suite waiting to happen here.  You gotta respect GOOD teachers they are hard to come by. I didn’t mean to become a substitute teacher. I interviewed for an administrative assistant position and the Superintendent asked me if I could teach English. Considering my first language is Pidgin English, this was truly a hilarious chapter of my life. I told the Superintendent I was not a certified teacher and he said “that’s not what I asked you.” Did I mention I was hardup for income. So I said “if you trust me with your kids I will try my best, yes I can teach English.” (an example of Alternative Fact LOL)   That in itself is a whole other blog.   So yeah I have 1 semester of teaching  and 9 years experience in a schools business office and I’ve worked in 3 different libraries of higher education, so yeah I have experience to be a Secretary of Education. Not! Just another Sexatary.

Be Blessed (\0/)

Until I write again. Could be tomorrow, could be next year. LOL




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