Makule Makua Hula Class

These ladies would prolly kill me for posting this pic (but they have to find it first LOL) but I needed to practice how to post a pic so I picked this one. I won’t mention names. This is just part of the class, I think there are 3 or 4 missing. The oldest person is like 77 or 78 maybe and the youngest about 59-60?  We meet once a week. This is a seasonal group, most of these ladies are snowbirds. They live in another state during the summer and live down here from like October to March.   For me its exercise and lowers the blood pressure yeah. They do some performances at different retirement communities. I don’t usually perform gigs; well maybe one but not regularly.  I also dance for another halau, which I perform with during Aloha Festival.


My Makule Makua Hula class

Ok I guess I remember how to post pics.

Be Blessed. (\0/)