On A Roll With Random Thoughts

I must be feeling compelled to write as I have been consistent, for 3 days anyway. 🙂

I need to stop reading comments on post in FB. The political ones always turn into a pissing contest, Rs & Ds and Liberals or WTF, you know what I mean. I think people are gonna think the way they gonna think and telling them they are stupid, racist assholes is not going to change their minds. Telling them anything that they don’t believe in is not going to change them period. Right? They’ve been born & raised an asshole why would they change cause you call them out.Like if some stranger on FB called me a racist asshole I would probably agree, to a point. LOL You are freaking entitled to your opinion. And that’s the craziness of FB – everyone feels/thinks/is entitled to their opinion. But so many act as if because they say it/believe it/write it then thats the truth. Yeah its their truth; not everyone elses.Well anyway yeah, need to stop reading all the negativity because negativity begats negativity.

I love the humor of FB though. Don’t ever Fkup because you will have funny ass  Memes about you forever embedded on the internet. I copy my favorite ones onto  a pinterest board. So you think its been wiped off the face of Facebook, um’ no someone has downloaded it/screeen shot it and it will pop up and the most inopportune time. 😀 Ditto with videos.

It amazes me how people post stupid stuff, like totally  ‘you could get fired or killed’ for saying shit like that. And its probably BS you would never say to a persons face but in the comfort of the internet you post seriously ugly shit. Could you go to the person and just tell them that? And what happened to: If you can’t say anything nice, STFU  I mean don’t say anything at all.  OR ‘treat others as you would want to be treated’ – has that all gone to hell in handbasket because of FB? Um, pretty much.

I have to admire those who don’t FB. I’m so freaking nosey, I wanna know other peeps business. I’m still waiting, trolling around wanting to know WTH was in that blue Tiffany box? Somebody Holla! LOL I’m amazed at the addiction of WiFi. When there is a war or major natural disaster and everything is shutdown we are all gonna die because there is no WiFi. How we gonna live? No news, no phone, no social media…. Excuse me, how did we do it before WiFi…. OH the old folks are going go old school not a problem but the kids who have been born with WiFi and have never been taught the old ways will be at a lost? How do I give change without the register telling me how much to give back?

My thought is if/when there is a catastrophic major upheaval  be it war or natural disaster; the only people who will survive, other the then the survivalist/preppers;  are gonna be the Amish! That’s why people should be friends and learn from them so you too can survive. The difference between the Amish and the Preppers though is that for the Amish it’d be business as usual so they wouldn’t get high blood pressure over it. Where as the Preppers would be all on high alert survivalist mode, missing the WiFi. Right?

Found another Photo app dilly. I was thinking wow I can make Memes!  Look at my ‘gallery’ and was like ok maybe not. LOL But I did do the one below. Lake Tahoe!  Everybody knows WATER IS LIFE. You can’t drink oil. Like haven’t y’all watched DUNE or is it DUNES. Wotever, who ever has water wins! But right now I guess its about the all mighty dollar.


Be Blessed (\0/)

Malama Pono