There’s an App for that: Mietu-ing

So I saw this App on FB of course, where else. So nosey me went to look and play with it. I think its from watching too much Korean Dramas, but the pictures look like I belong in one. 🙂  Very yellow-ey or pale and I’m really brownish, tan; popolo-ish if I’m in the sun all the time. Its interesting to say the least.

I posted a few on FB and I was advised that, that was a “not so honorable site” sometimes. (you have to say: ‘honorable’ in your best Asian accent LOL ok maybe thats just me) So anyways its like alot of other sites where they want this that or the other. Your contacts et al; although they never ask for your first born like Rumplesilkskin. Was it him who asked? But anyway:

Pale skin. Eyebrows are nice though. I didn’t do it. There’s an App for that. The eyes look bigger rounder, usually I look Asian-ey, Pakay-ish. LOL


And if I had blue eyes; what are the odds that my kids get them, recessive gene. Don’t it make my brown eyes blue…… admit it, you sang it.  Oooh I have nice make up on. K-Drama mama-san look.


Pretty in Pink look… My skin is almost the same shade as the background. Oh me so Asian huh? Wonder what the Kanji/writing says? It could be the B-word for all I know.  Or it could say: “why you no have boyfren, you so preet-tee like Modol or Cheerleada” (Yes I’m an Anjela Johnson fan)


With my “eyes” on. My face is not round no moe, its thinner like Modol or Cheerleada. LOL


And if I had a prison tatt. I was thinking of letting my hair go all gray. Just thinking. I always get all vain-ish and do the dye job.


So I deleted the app after I did all this. If I feel like playing with it again I just download it again, then delete again. Speaking of which I have apps I ain’t used for a long long time. They need to get deleted. I need to train myself like I have Granddaughter; the rule is, if you download a game then you have to delete one also. At least she knows it has to be FREE. She tried to teach me Snapchat, but I didn’t get it, it confuses me. LOL Ok I’m slow like that.


Be Blessed (\0/)

Malama Pono



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  1. Love alla variations, but I’m glad you deleted it. I wen read alla warnings and decided not to download it… even doe I really like see wat I would look like Asian. LOL!


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