I love Pinterest. Its virtual scrapbooking, collections of topics, recipes, art; you name it. Its fun just to search a topic and see what comes. I have a whole bunch of followers but I wonder do they? I don’t remember the same people pinning. Then again I’m not paying that much attention as to who does or doesn’t. LOL


Some times when I need encouragement or cheering up I go to Pinterest and search something crazy and it cracks me up because there are a bunch of crazy stuff out there. If I’m sad I’ll punch in sad stuff and feel sadder but eventually my attention deficit-ness will click on something else that leads to something else and next thing you know I’m not on sadness anymore.


I’ve always thought it would be a good idea to collect cradleboards. But thats something that I know I couldn’t afford one much less a collection of it. And where would I put them? Pinterest has solved that problem for me, I have a board/collection of cradleboard picture. Ok its virtual and not real but; it serves its purpose.

Pinterest has provided me the space and education to look into topics I find interesting and some not so interesting but educational no less. My daughters uses it as a cookbook; searching for recipes. I look for ideas and tutorials. I learn about different areas and cultures through pictures. I find it interesting.


I have a playlist on there, my funeral jams. Morbid I know but hey, prepared. Told my kids I don’t want none of that organ pipe soap opera sounding music going on. They’ve never heard of the song “Spirit In the Sky”. So they searched on YouTube; and they sad OMG MOM! I’m like WHAT – its fitting, it has a beat and you can dance to it.  Appropriate. 😀

I have 2,812 Followers.  I have been pinning since 2014. Or I think I started in 2013 then each new year I would do a Happy New Year board. So it starts in 2014. And this year is the year of the Rooster. I only know that because of pinterest. LOL


I find pinterest an educational tool being able to learn about everything and anything. I have over 200 boards/topics. I keep tell myself enough all ready then I find some topic  I think is interesting and I do a board on it. Like I’m a K-Drama fan; Korean dramas; so I have a board with K-Dramas, one for Hanboks (traditional Korean attire) and one with hair ornaments. I watch mostly  Historical K-dramas.I just started watching Korean Dramas in 2015. Where as my friends have been watching them forever. The first K-drama I watched was Queen of Seon Deok. And I was hooked. I love the costuming and jewelry.


I think one of the interesting boards I created is titled ‘Are You Frkng Kidding Me?’  It has all the “most expensive stuff”. Boggles the mind. A million dollar bra, unbelieveable.  Gold plated, diamond studded all kines of stuff. I find it unreal but there are people who live like that. Me I just do picutres/ Pinterest. LOL

I’ve seen some crazy rants on Pinterest. People who don’t want you to pin more then a certain amount of their pins. How is that gonna be policed? Its a kind of a public place so like; if you don’t want anyone to touch, copy, or pin your stuff, DON’T put it on there. So what happens when you tell people to not do that, yeah they do that.



All these pics/memes are from Pinterest. Can you tell?

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Be Blessed (\0/)

Malama pono.