From An IPad Mini

This my first time posting via my mini; so I’m typing hunt & peck with one finger. I would rather have a kyboard bt none is available at this time. This feel wired, typing with only one finger. I have to think slower. 

So how about all those demonstrations and protest? I can’t help but think ‘Merica is going to hell in a hand basket. Things that make you say “WHAT THE WHAT”! WTF!

My son asked why I had not attended any of the marches & protest. Because I’m cynical, claustrophobic and I don’t know where or how to park sometimes.  It’s ok for others to be in large masses of people, not me. I think worst case scenarios. People stampeding, mass confusion, shots fired, uncontrollable chaos; simple crap like that.

When I see the protest & marches; I imagine if I was there I would be on the fringe or the last person so there’s nobody behind me. You know what I mean. Escape route, I need one in case of a total cluster Fk. I’m just paranoid like that. 

It’s been my experience that when in crowded spaces also known as bars; if when there is a fight, being pushed accidentally, flying/wasted beer or alcohol, it will happen right next to me. How many times have I gottten alcohol splashed on me or rowdy people falling me. I really don’t need that in my life.  And protest at the airport, I hate airport traffic. 

I admire & respect  all those who are out there making their voices heard. I am with you in spirit. 

Be Blessed (\0/)

Malala Pomo.


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