I’ve always identified with honus aka turtles. Maybe cause I walk slow. 😀  Perhaps It is because  I am an Islander, all islanders respect honus. Honu is my aumakua, spirit animal. I think most ethnic cultures have a reverence for turtles


I see these guys on my way to hula class. The first time I saw them I thought it was a sculpture. I didn’t know they were real, then I saw them move. They are really good at doing the Mannequin Challenge.

They rarely move. They just chill.


Don’t know what I was expecting…maybe dive in the water & come back out, do some stunts. Nope, they just stay posed.

I think I was disturbing his/her peace.  Giving me that “watchulookingat” look.


This little guy took forever to get himself out of the water. Oh maybe because he sensed stranger danger watching him. He just hung on to the edge for a long awhile. I just waited patiently and finally he got out of the water.



I think turles remind us to slow down and pace yourself. They reminds us/or me to not rush around so much like a chicken without a head. I like this:


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono