What To Write: Coughing & K-Drama

I have no clue what to write about. But even so I write about not knowing what to write knowing my fingers will eventually bring up a topic, I should rant or rave about.

Coughing! I am coughing. It’s not a cold or flu; I got over it. It was bronchitis after the flu and now its my throat  giving me  issues. My throat gets dry and feels like it closing off and then  I cough. So I suck on throat lozenges, hard candy, and down cough syrup. Dayquil, Nyquil how does the meds know if it day or night? Oh its me huh? I take Nyquil in the day and Dayquil at  night. My bad.  Red or green? I always pic the green. Kinda like chili? 😀 I think it’s getting better, less or no mucus. I have a Drs appoint. I always have a Drs appointment Standing order like that. I found help, perhaps a cure to my coughing….. ACV – Apple Cider Vinegar, Bragg’s! ACV straight up, as in a shot of. Good for any ailment. LOL

I’m on my laptop, while watching another laptop with a Korean Drama: Immortal Classics. It’s about kimchee and  a particular  families traditions & recipes. I never knew there were so many types of kimchee.   And I’m crying…. would not be a drama without a good cry. Dad dying of brain tumor, stupid #1 son, Grandma don’t wont son to marry childhood sweetheart who killed the Grandpa but sister got blamed, stalker ex-girlfriend. Hate stalker bitch characters. Two Dr’s fall in love, guys Dad & girls Mom are sister and brother but brother doesn’t know that, he thinks she’s the servant girl cause his mean ass grandma told the family the mom could only stay with them if she disavowed that was her daughter. Grandma ruled with an iron fist. Anyway its a tangled web. Then its seems like they are 1st cousins  in love but na-uh, Ladydoctor was really adopted but her parents never told her and she’s 3o-ish. But then Abogee aka Dad dies of a brain tumor but he writes a letter telling his daughter that she is adopted but he had promised his wife/her mom never ever to speak of it. And in the letter he tells Ladydoctor not to tell her mom, unless of course the mom mentions it first. So everyone thinks she doesn’t know but she does.

In the meantime the hospital where the Dr’s work is about to go under. Because richass stalker babe; who dumped the DrDude wants him back but he don’t want none of that so stalker babe keeps thinking of ways to hurt him so he will need her. So she tells her rich investor dad to pull out the money from the hospital. Oh and I forgot to mention there’s another Dr, lets call him Dr2; who is in love with the Ladydoctor, they went to med school together and they’ve known each other for 10 years. She just likes him as a best friend; he’s not gay but looks it but he wants to take it to another level. Yeah, sex. But she’s all ready in love DrDude. So he’s way mad at DrDude who is also he’s adopted brother. So Dr2 messes with the hospital books and makes it look like DrDude is evading taxes.  Also Dr2 is drinking heavily. Of course, because  we all know you can’t have love triangles going on without alcohol.

Of course there are other issues going on also, like a cooking contest, an old murder plot and a consipracy to shut down a restaurant. Immortal Classic = 20 episodes.



Be Blessed (\O/)

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