Where’s Lilo?

Long time ago, then again maybe not that long; I started posting pictures: Where’s Lilo?Different places or maybe Wal Mart 😀 where ever and when ever.  Like many things I do; I go gung-ho when I start, then less and less till I forget & don’t do it again. Kinda like my blogging.

Lilo is usually in my purse. So finally after I don’t know how long a hiatus I finally take her out and started taking pics again. I forgot how fun it is to do that.


I noticed that her skirt was broken. Don’t know how long its been like that, its from being banged around in my purse. I was hoping I find the broken off piece so I could glue it back together. But so such luck yet.

With some artifacts.



At the mall.


Had a great staycation. My intention was to read a book I had brought with me. Did not read a word of it. I did do my 30 plus minutes on the treadmill. I’ve been very reglular in doing that and proud that I’ve stuck to it. The threat of being recommended to some vascular specialist kind of sort of kicked my rear in gear. I don’t need no more doctors. Everybody is a specialist nowadays. What’s the point of going to a General Practioner if all they do is send you to somebody else. Suprised they didn’t tell me I needed a shrink. Well if  walking 30 minutes or more a day will keep away a doctor then I better the hell do that.


Be Blessed (\O/)

Malama pono.


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