A lot of times I don’t know that I’m being sarcastic. I’m just being me. My tone of voice sometimes gives me away and again half the time I don’t mean to say it that way, it just came out that way. 😀

My sarcasm is not mean. Ok, its not intentionally mean; its accidental. I’m just stating the obvious, right?  I didn’t mean for it to sound that way.  The problem with being naturally unintentionally sarcastic is that if you have kids; they inherit it. They hear it all their lives and then they say shit like their mom!  🙂  I say say “shit” alot, which brings me to the next generation my granddaughter always calls me out everyday, “You said the S-word!” I tried to change it to “crap” but it doesn’t feel natural. Not graphic enough.


With all that said; I bite my tongue a lot because if I can’t say anything nice I should shut up. I learned that growing up. Got the belt a couple of times for it. LOL Then again soon as the other person is outta sight outta mind, I run my mouth. Sometimes. Unintentionally of course.

Be Blessed (\O/)

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earn it from you. I always hear “Mom, where do you think we get it from.” LOL